Thursday, June 04, 2015

Last Day of School

From our day-to-day life to the bigger things like fun adventures and holidays, I've been so behind on posting lately. I keep telling myself that I'll sit down one day and catch-up, buuuut the reality is that just might not happen. And I need to be ok with it. So, instead of NOT posting last day of school pics because I haven't posted x,y, or z that happened before that, I'm just going to get them documented already! And, if in the future you see some random, VERY belated posts about birthdays, big games, spring break, or sleepovers, you'll know that it's just me scrambling to catch-up.

Carrying on.

Kaiah's last day of 3-day preschool:

The last day of school for my big kids was picture-perfect weather, so we made the most of it.

And just for fun, here are some pics from the first day. Oh, Eli's outfit? A happy coincidence!

So funny to think that I was pregnant in these pics and didn't even know it!


Wednesday, June 03, 2015

4 Weeks of Miss Maysi Paige

It's hard to believe that it's been almost 4 weeks since we met our sweet Maysi Paige. I remember saying it when Kai was born and the same holds true this time around, as well: I didn't know we were missing anything until she arrived. Most days it feels like I've known my little Maysen forever. Her squishy face, pouty lips, long feet, and fuzzy ears just feel so familiar. And yet? I find that we are still fumbling awkwardly through this newborn stage...again. I've said it before and I'll say it again: This girl is making me feel like a rookie mom! The different cries, feeding schedules, sleeping patterns, and logistical juggling -- it all seems so foreign. And somehow I'm trying to love it just a little more than I did before. There is a hyper-awareness of the "lasts" this time around (even though we were sure last time was the last...) and we are doing our best to soak them up.

So. Here's {more than} just a little about our little Miss Maysen Paige at 4 weeks and a LOT of "first few weeks" photos:

Nicknames: Maysi, Maysi Paige, Mays Face, MP, Pee Wee

Weight: Maysen tipped the scales last Wednesday at a whopping 9 lbs 3 oz. That's my growing girl!

Sleep Habits: Eh. There's been some rough nights, but we seem to be falling into a routine of 4 hour stretches at night. Napping during the day has been inconsistent. Some days she doesn't sleep AT ALL and others she seems to sleep the day away -- in our arms (or wrap!), of course -- because putting her down would, apparently, be torture. I'm not complaining, though. If mommy-hood has taught me anything, it's that the moments are fleeting and I'll take baby cuddles while I can!

Eating Habits: Nursing every 2.5-3 hours during the day and 3-4 at night. She really is a champion nurser and for that, I am thankful!

General disposition: Getting better. I was convinced that Maysi hated us/life for the first 3 weeks, BUT I'm holding out hope that we've turned a corner. The last couple of days have been better and we're buying stock in reflux medication. :)

Likes: Brother & sisters in her face (see also: Dislikes); being held upright, against your chest; sitting up; nursing; big burps; a pacifier sometimes; ceiling fans; and ball games.

Dislikes: Brother & sisters in her face, being alone, having an upset tummy, diaper changes, baths, taking time away from nursing to burp, being in her carseat and NOT moving, and the hiccups.

Adventures: 2 softball tournaments, 1 baseball tournament, preschool graduation, lots of walks, several park stops, practices galore, a couple graduation parties, doctor appointments, Target, Sams Club, Buffalo Wild Wings, 2 meetings, and visits with friends.

On to the good stuff...cute baby pics!


Monday, May 18, 2015

Meet Maysen Paige

Introducing (albeit 11 days late!) our sweet new addition, Maysen Paige Starr!

Little #starrbabycinco was born on May 7 at 8:51 pm, weighing in at 8 lbs 8 oz. She was 20 inches of pure perfection.

Rest assured, she is just as squishy as she looks, but not nearly as chubby as the pictures lead you to believe.

Of course, her birth story is forthcoming, but I'm just too deep in the throws of newborn-ness right now to write it up. 

Be back soon...


Wednesday, May 06, 2015

39 week FINAL #StarrBabyCinco Update

Well, here FINAL #starrbabycinco pregnancy update. Tomorrow is D-day, assuming they don't need to bump my induction again. Yesterday Kaiah and I were enjoying our last "Mommy/Kaiah Tropical Smoothie Lunch Date" when my phone rang and the nurse from my OB clinic told me that they had to postpone my induction a day. I realize that, big picture, this was no big deal, but that didn't stop me from pouting most of the afternoon. Ugh. It doesn't take much to mess with the emotions and mental state of a swollen, pregnant beast. Buuuut, here we are, just 15 or so hours out and I'm ready. Ready to meet our sweet girl. Ready to see the big kids love on her. Ready to cuddle a squishy newborn. Ready for the middle of the night feedings. Ready for the aches and pains that come with delivery. Ready to juggle logistics. And most of all? Ready to NOT be pregnant! Can I get an 'amen'?

I'm not going to sugar coat it -- these last couple of weeks have been tough. I've spent many a night timing contractions, walking to encourage contractions, or wondering why the heck I'm NOT having contractions. Per Dr. T's last report from a week ago, I am 4 cm dilated and baby was head down. It's a funny feeling being 4 cm and not really knowing how you got there. I mean, yes, I have contractions, but nothing too significant or consistent -- obviously. So, I've spent a lot of time just wondering/worrying that I'm hanging out at 6 or so cm and that my water might break or I'd have a few big contractions and then we'd be delivering a baby in the back of our minivan. Oh, the places your mind will go. Anyway, I can almost safely say that that will NOT happen now and tomorrow is THE day. The day we get to meet our final blessing -- in a controlled environment, with doctors/nurses to catch her sweet little bod -- and for that, I am thankful. Anyway, on with the update:

Due Date: Still May 12. 

Weeks: 39 weeks

Doctor Report: Again -- as of last Thursday, I was 4 cm dilated and baby was head-down! 

Gender: GIRL. 

Name: We have a list and, at this point, I'm planning on just "knowing" when we see her. Pray for us, please?

Total Weight Gain: No idea. Although, I can tell you this -- each of my swollen feet/ankles/legs alone probably weighs 10 lbs. And I'm not kidding

Maternity Clothes: Nothing fits. My belly hangs out the bottom of every shirt and forget pants! I've been wearing strictly skirts and dresses for almost 2 weeks now.

Sleep: Still not good. Between contractions, heartburn, and a sore back, I spend my nights moving between our bed and the chair. Just God's way of prepping this mama for the sleepless nights to come, right?

Food: Nothing to report. I have no specific aversions, but need to watch how much I'm eating, so I don't get nauseous.

Pregnancy Symptoms: You name it, I have it. At the top of the list? Back pain, contractions, swollen feet/hands, and exhaustion!

Movement: She's an active little girl and this is probably the main (only?) thing I will miss about being pregnant. I just love the kicks, hiccups, and rolls...even as they get a bit painful.

What I'm Looking Forward To: SEEING HER FACE! Seriously! I've been dreaming about what she will look/feel/smell like and can.not.wait. The other thing I'm excited for? The big kids to meet and love on her. The anticipation is killing all of us!



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