Friday, December 20, 2013

Tour de Christmas 2013

As I was taking these pictures, I began asking myself why I was doing this.  What was the point of documenting our home ready for the Christmas season?  After all, my blogging over the last year has been sporadic (at best) and nearly non-existent (at its worst!).  And so I came up with my 2 most motivating factors – neither of which involve you, my loyal readers (all 3 of you).  Sorry.

1.  I love love love Christmas.  Everything about it.  I’m the girl that began decorating before Thanksgiving, just so I could enjoy the coziness of Christmas longer than one short month.  So, to me seeing my home filled with trees, twinkling lights, paper wreaths made by children and special keepsakes handed down or given as gifts, is  Like, my favorite thing ever.  To me, Christmas decorating represents so much JOY.  All the decor, no matter how “over the top” or colorful it might be, makes me happy. Happiness = best reason ever.

2. Plain and simple, if I document how things were decorated this year, decking the halls next year will be that much easier.  While I like to change things up now and again, for the most part, I thrive on consistency.  Some might call it laziness – I call it resourcefulness.

So, you see?  These pics are for ME!  But if you enjoy seeing how other people prepare for the season, like I do, then I suppose they are for you too!

Merry Christmas, friends!

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

November 2013

November was a month full of birthday fun and lots holiday prep and celebration.  Here’s a not-so-brief pictorial summary.


November2013 011

Our sweet Cami Shea turned 5.  A whole hand.  She celebrated with an art celebration for friends and a pizza party for family.  Oh, I am so enjoying watching this girl grow.  She’s changing in ways that keep us proud, laughing, and sometimes scratching our heads.  A sporty girl with a love for sparkle, skinny jeans, and writing, she also bears a flare for the dramatic.  I’m calling it now – she is my child born to mother.  Camden nurtures:nurtures:nurtures to the point of near annoyance.  But it’s her heart – she loves to love (amongst other things…) and we are oh-so-grateful for another year with Camden Shea!

November2013 246b

And then there’s Kaiah True.  She turned 3 and has the bossy/stubborn thing down to a science.  Jury is still out on whether this is an age-related attribute or a forever Kaiah characteristic.  Either way, we’re learning to love (i.e. tolerate) it.  It’s true – my baby has graduated on from toddler to little kid, but in my heart (& our house!), she’s my baaaaaby.  Constantly trying to keep up, our Kai Pie, thinks her older Starr siblings are the coolest.  And that feeling is mutual.  KT is catered to and well-loved by all.  God has blessed us beyond measure with this curly-haired cutie.November2013 029 


November2013 037 November2013 057

November was also a month full of icky-sickies, but we’re hoping it is out of our systems so we don’t have to celebrate Christmas again like we did last year.

November2013 042  November2013 082

November2013 168 November2013 093 November2013 145 November2013 160 November2013 161  November2013 172  November2013 370

Other than the big birthdays, we’ve had lots of time with family, snowy days, relaxing evenings, and plenty of memories in the making. 

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