Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Back To School {2015}

Finally! All four big kids are back to school and the year is off to a great start! I told J the other night that I seriously feel like we hit the jackpot with teachers this year. I mean, we've always had great ones, but this year? I just love them allll!

Now for the obligatory first day of school photos:

Addison - 4th
Elijah - 2nd
Camden - 1st
Kaiah - 5 morning/week preschool
Maysen - Mommy School


Tuesday, September 08, 2015


I feel like such a slacker when I miss Monday and post our meal plans on Tuesdays. But, once again, this is more for me and my memory than anything.

Here we go! Dinner this week at Casa de Estrella (that's Star in Spanish, in case you didn't know...)

Monday: Leftovers. We had a fun weekend, full of family, friends, and food, which carried over to yesterday.

Tuesday: BBQ Ranch Crockpot Meatball...made into sandwiches on my favorite Sams Club French Bread loaves ($2.77 for 2 HUGE loaves!). Big family hack: meatballs last longer if you serve them as sandwiches.

Wednesday: French Toast Bake. Not exactly figure-friendly, but it is sooooo easy and yummy that it stays in the rotation.

Thursday: Bacon Lovers Mac & Cheese. Again, I won't be losing any weight with this one, but it'll be easy to throw together and serve before ball games.

Friday: Cowboy Chicken Wraps.

Weekend (or carry-over to next week if I can get out of cooking on Saturday/Sunday): Breakfast Burritos


#StarrBabyCinco {4 months}

My baaaaby is a whopping 4 months old today and I'll tell you what -- these "milestones" just don't get any easier, the more kids you have!

Maysen is such a sweet baby. That, my friends, isn't something I would have said 2 months ago. But let's not dwell on the past. Here's a little run down of our Maysi Paige at 4 months.

  • She found her voice! And has the funniest laugh -- it's very cackle/cough-like. A "cackough," if you will.
  • Likes her baths and chillin' in Papa and Jojo's pool.
  • We've made the transition to Maysen's crib in Camden's room a few weeks ago and that has gone wonderfully. Most nights Mays-ers sleeps between 10-12 hours.
  • Usually, I'll hear her talking (a LOT!) in her crib around 4:45am, then by 5:00 she's back to sleep. Silly baby.
  • We're still working on a nap schedule, which should improve now that Kaiah is back to school. Some naps are 30 minutes, others are 4 hours. 
  • Maysi nurses every 3-4 hours during the day and pretty much refuses a bottle, but we're working on that. 
  • Speaking of nursing, she's a fast eater! Usually only 5-10 minutes on each side before she's full and completely distracted. 
  • The reflux is gone! Thank you, Lord!
  • When mom and dad are around, she would prefer that no one else holds her...and she'll let you know about it.
  • Who am I kidding? She'll let you know about alllll her feelings. I hate to label a baby as "dramatic," but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, well, then...
  • Maysi loves to be tickled and kissed.
  • The pouty lip is still her signature move.

  • She's definitely joined Addi & I on Team Brown Eyes.
  • 6 months clothes are fitting her best, but I can make a few 3 month things work and have been known to roll over some 12 month stuff, too.
  • Mays is working on her first "toofer." My children tend to get teeth freakishly early.
  • I can't blame her, but Maysi hates having a poopy diaper. And, if you combine it with hunger or sleepiness, then you'd better watch out.
  • She's a baseball and football lovin' girl and watches with her daddy almost every night.

This little girl has brought so much love and laughter to our house and we just can't imagine life without would be so boring! I can honestly say that Maysen brings out the best in us all -- she's live entertainment and the recipient of lots of kindness and compassion that can be hard to come by with 4, 6, 8, and 10 year olds! Bottom line? She's the piece that completes our puzzle.


Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Yep, Tuesday again. I'll be honest -- kind of feels like I'm losing my mind a bit. The kids start school tomorrow and I have a million things to do before then -- the most important being, you know, spending time with them.

Back to School Night with this crazy bunch!

Anyway, wanted to pop in with our VERY boring meal plan for the week. We had a few things come up last week  and ended up eating leftovers one evening, so there are a few repeats from last week.

Monday: BLTs

Tuesday: Hot subs using my favorite Sam's Club french bread loaves.

Wednesday: Spicy Sausage Pasta

Thursday: Turkey Tater Tot Casserole. I use Michelle Duggar's recipe. I know, I know -- Duggars = scandal these days, but still -- this recipe is the best.

Friday: Not Chicken Pot Pie

So, what's for dinner at your house? I need some new ideas for the school year!


Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Back by popular demand -- MEAL PLANNING MONDAY...on a Tuesday, of course!

I have had a couple people ask me when I was going to start posting our weekly menus again, but really? Documenting daily dinners is more for me than anything else because:

1. It makes future planning easier when I can go back and get ideas from previous weeks.


2. I like when you all post meal ideas in the comments section.

So, back to business. Here's what we're having this week.

Monday: J made mac & cheese. (Just keeping it real...)

Tuesday: Weight Watchers Shepherd's Pie. This is seriously one of the easiest and delicious meals EVER. And I can't find it online anywhere. So, here's a poor quality pic from the magazine I got it out of.

Wednesday: French Bread Pizza. Again, we're not talking rocket science here. I get 2 HUGE loafs of french bread at Sam's Club for $2.37, then add pizza sauce and toppings. Cheap, cheap, cheap.

Thursday: BLT's & sweet corn. We have tomatoes coming out of our ears, so this is a weekly staple for us until they're gone.

Friday: Breakfast Burritos

Saturday: Spicy Sausage Pasta

Sunday: We'll wing it!

Ok! Your turn! What's for dinner at YOUR house?!?


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hey, Elijah Wrigley...EIGHT is enough!

It’s true y’all.
Even though I could swear he was just born yesterday, my baby boy is 8 years old today!
And let me tell ya -- EIGHT is enough! 

Elijah Wrigley,

If you wouldn't mind staying at this still baby-faced, big tooth-ed age, I sure would appreciate it. Because this growing up business? It sure is hard on your mama's heart. 

And speaking of heart, you certainly hold a special place in mine. It's a place all it's own and ONLY for you. Because you, son, are my boy. You're my little lover, button-pusher, tender-hearted, completely sports-obsessed, bacon-loving, and LOUD boy. You mess up words, wear emotions on your sleeve, are freakishly good at math, and can be a little too sarcastic at times. 

Eli, you're an analyzer. The opposite of me. You're a smarty pants. A joy to have as a son. A thinker and doer. Cautious. Leader. Persistent and stubborn.

Stubb.orn. Where you got this need to be right all the time, we'll never know. (*cough*cough*) But you and I? We're working on admitting when we're wrong. And we'll get it, buddy. Thankfully, this isn't something we need to practice often.

Oh, sweet boy, these years have been good ones. You are growing so quickly and your little boy-ness has almost completely faded away. I know it’s only a matter of time before you’re less interested in morning snuggles with your Mama and more interested in other people (girls!) and things (more sports!).

Eight years ago, I could only hope you would sleep another hour.  Today I'm realizing how quickly the past 8 years have gone and it makes me want to take back each and every bedtime story, tee ball game, park date, or bike ride and do them all over again.  Holding hands with you, my now 8 year old, feels so fleeting. Today we walked into the store hand-in-hand and I had to much longer will this last? Was today the final time to have your hand in mine? Please know that as you step away and pull your hand from mine, we are rooting for you, cheering you on like no one ever will.

Son, your dad and I pray that the people and things that God brings into your life will continue to draw you closer to Him. We pray for you, that you would use your leadership and passion not to build your name, but to make His name bigger -- that you would use your stubborn persistence to tell others about Him.

We pray the Lord’s richest blessings on you, precious son.

Happy eight years!

We can’t wait to see what this year will bring us!

All my love to Wrigley and back,



Friday, August 07, 2015

*TEN* Joy-Filled Years || Happy Birthday, Addi!

My gorgeous (biased much?) Addi-girl is a decade old today! This marks 10 years of motherhood for me and, looking back I can safely say that, Addison’s birth day was the best day of my life…not because I love her more than her little Starr siblings, but because she’s the one who made me a mom. She was the game-changer, the one that took me from t-ball to big league LOVE. And for that, I am forever grateful. We are oh-so-thankful for Addi’s quick wit and compassion; her creativity, leadership, and work ethic; her kindness and enthusiasm. But most of all?  We thank God for Addison’s heart. It’s pure gold and full of love for the people and things around her. With her in this world, I have faith in the future, because I know she will make it better.

Addison Clark Starr, I pray that you will never, not for one single moment, forget that you are wholly, madly, deeply, unconditionally loved. Not just by your dad and me, or your siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and those that make up our “village”, but also by an awesome God, who exceeds all of that love and a thousand times more.



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