Sunday, January 25, 2015


January 25th, 2015
So as my lovely wife heads to Story City this afternoon to hang-out with her Grandmother, I think it would be a good idea to jump on and update her current situation to all of her blog friends.

Missy is steadily progressing through another pregnancy in only Missy fashion.  "What exactly does that mean," you may say.  Well let me explain.
1) We will inevitably cycle through various phases of cravings. Ice Cream, Animal Crackers, Salsa's, etc...  It's always interesting to come home and look in the fridge to see what concoction was made today.
2) Missy becomes an absolute oven when pregnant.  In case you weren't aware, it's currently Winter in Iowa.  When I go to bed, it's cold.  I would like nothing more than to cuddle up with my better half under a comforter and let our backsides keep each other warm.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.  Missy is "SO HOT" all the time, that there are many nights that she doesn't even use the blankets on the bed.  I know what you are thinking, "Poor J."  Please, don't feel sorry for me. All I can think about is how uncomfortable she must have been with the other 4 kiddos, when she was going through the pregnancies during the Summer months.  She says it's hot all the time now, I can only imagine how bad it was when she was pregnant in August and September with the other 4 kiddos!
3) Missy is a bird.  What do I mean by that?  The NESTING has begun.  In fact it started a ways back. Baby clothes have started to be sorted, arrangements and plans are already being made for where the baby will sleep and where things will go.
4) The never ending search for the "perfect" name is also underway. I get 2-3 texts every day of additional options to add to the possible name list.  I'm going to be totally honest here, I can't even remember half the names she has sent my way. But, I put on the good face every afternoon when I come home.  She'll ask, "what did you think of the names I sent you?" I counter with the perfect, "yeah, those are good options, we'll have to consider them." Secretly acknowledging the fact that I don't remember what she sent me earlier today.
5) And likely the most important fact about Missy being pregnant, she is a PROFESSIONAL!!!!  I'm sure there are some really good pregnant women out there.  They probably never get sick, are always glowing about how enjoyable the experience is, or maybe they never complain about having to cram on some maternity jeans that they swore they would never wear again.  Missy on the other hand, is a realist. She acknowledges that her body is literally making room for another living human being, and she's cool with it.  She knows that there are days that she's just not gonna be with it, but she trudges on and keeps this mad house running.  Essentially what I'm getting at is that she's amazing.

In closing I think this is an excellent forum to reiterate that I am the luckiest guy. Having this amazing women a part of my life and raising my children is hands down the best decision I've ever made. I'm pretty lucky, and hopefully she knows just how much I value her as a friend, confidant, partner, parent, teammate, boss, and wife.

J. Starr


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Meal Planning & Other Randomness...

Popping in for a quick Meal Planning post, as I realized that this is the best way for my to catorgorize and keep together all my meal plans for quick/easy reference. So, basically...this post is for me, not you. #sorrynotsorry


Dinner this week...

Monday: We had breakfast sandwiches. English muffins, eggs, sausage. Easy peasy.

Tuesday: My plan was to have Cowboy Chicken Wraps, buuuut my mother-in-law texted this morning to remind me that Sonic has $.50 corndogs tonight. Soooo, I'm taking the easy/unhealthy route and will swing by Sonic to grab some for my peeps before I get to meet friends for dinner. Yay me!

Wednesday: Baked Ziti

Thursday: Chicken Taquitos

Friday: Easy Potato Soup

In other non-food related news...

  • Addi has strep throat, but I think we caught it before she really started feeling awful. Praying no one else gets it.

  • Thursday is the dreaded glucose test day for me and #StarrBabyCinco. I promise to report back with the results and a baby update. Although, spoiler alert: I'm big and she's still nameless.
  • Speaking of baby...I have some Christmas/birthday money & gift cards just burning a hole in my pocket and I'm very methodically trying to decide how I want to spend them. In a fairly uncharacteristic move, I've somehow acquired a little expensive taste this time around and have my eye on {this Ju Ju Be diaper bag} and {this Ergo 360} carrier. Necessities? Absolutely not! Can I live without them? Of course! BUT, if I have birthday $$/gift cards to spend, why not? Stay tuned.

  • Both little girls started basketball recently and it is just plain adorable. Not to mention, they LOVE getting the opportunity to play. 

Well, I think that's all for now. Happy Tuesday that feels like a Monday, friends!


Monday, January 05, 2015

Christmas/New Years 2014

Christmas was the BEST this year! There were several days over the last 2.5 weeks that we didn't even leave the house. And it was GLORIOUS! Mr. Starr was a busy guy around the house, the kids watched lots of movies & played plenty of games, and I just enjoyed having everyone home. Of course, we had to pass around a nasty cough/respiratory virus just to keep things interesting, but even that didn't keep us from our celebrating.

And now, a not-so-small pictorial recap!

Minnesota Christmas was family (early December)...

Don't tell her siblings that she got to see this Santa while they were at school...

Church Christmas program...

Preschool Christmas program...

Winter Parties at school...


Scott & Christie came home...and entertained us all...obviously...

Christmas with the Starrs...

Game playing fun...

Christmas Eve with the Voigts...

Santa came!...

Celebrating with lots of presents and PINK balloons!...


Cute present carrier...

It's a{nother} GIRL...


Movie watching...

  New Year's Eve...

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Starr Baby Cinco Christmas Morning Gender Reveal

I know, I know...I've been gone too long. Rest assured that we've been busy with Christmas activities and LOTS of relaxing togetherness!

Just wanted to pop in to share our Starr Baby Cinco gender reveal video...for those who didn't get to watch on Facebook. We had so much fun waiting anxiously for 48 hours, then waking up to this box full of _____ balloons on Christmas morning!



Friday, December 12, 2014

Starr Baby Cinco: 18.5 Week Pregnancy Update

I'm a little blown away by how fast this pregnancy is going. Once the nausea and exhaustion were behind me (13 or so weeks), I felt like I was able to get back to "normal." It's funny how morning (all day!) sickness can just take everything out of you -- the ability to function on a day-to-day basis. We were in survival mode for several weeks, and I'm happy to report that WE SURVIVED! And now? We're just enjoying the ride!

Here's a quick Starr Baby Cinco Update!

Due Date: May 12, 2015, as determined by early ultrasound. We are scheduled for our big anatomy scan on December 23, so we'll confirm that date then.

Weeks: 18.5 weeks.

Gender: Your guess is as good as ours! We ARE planning on finding out the sex at our u/s...for logistical purposes. We got rid of a LOT of baby things after Kaiah was born, but still have plenty of clothes...that will, unfortunately, be for the wrong season.

We all have our guesses as to the gender -- J and the kids all think girl, but I'm leaning towards boy. No, I don't have any type of mother's intuition...never's just my guess. :)

Total Weight Gain: Juuuust kidding! I don't really plan on sharing that -- mainly because I do my best to not even keep track. I can tell you this: I'm HUNGRY...and still running several times a week.

Maternity Clothes: Yes, please! I'm officially in maternity bottoms, with the exception of leggings and a couple pairs of super stretchy skinny jeans. They're just more comfortable. As far as shirts go -- I've never really been a maternity shirts person. I like to try to make do with what I have or just buy bigger sizes. That being said, I have invested in several maternity tshirts and tank tops that were on clearance at Old Navy. I certainly don't have a problem with maternity wear (especially these days -- that stuff is cuuuute!); however, it just pains me buy clothes that I'll only wear for a few months.

Sleep: I'm tired and sleep fairly well -- minus all the CRAZY dreams.

Food: I don't have any particular cravings, per se. However, when I get something in my head, then I tend to think about it all.the.time until I get it. And I've been going through spurts. I'll eat a lot of something, then get sick (literally!) of it and won't want to touch it again. Examples: Broccoli with dip, garlic noodles, Pancheros.

Pregnancy "Symptoms": Heartburn (helllooo Tums!), primarily. My hips and lower back have been bothering me, as well, but that's par for the course.

Movement: YES! Lots and lots of little baby kicks...and I LOVE it! The kids are anxious to be able to feel the movements. We're hoping that'll be within the next few weeks.

What I Miss: Running more than 3 miles at a time. Well, that and my waistline.

What I Love: Again, baby kicks are the best! Oh, and getting back in "baby mode." I've been having fun researching strollers, perusing the baby aisles at Target, and "pinning" newborn "must-haves."

What I'm Looking Forward To: Besides enjoying Christmas with our families, I'm excited to find out the gender AND for J & the kids to feel the baby move.

Well, I think that about covers it for now! More than anything? I'm just oh-so-grateful for this opportunity -- it's something I never imagined that we would experience again!



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