Monday, December 21, 2015

Tour de Christmas 2015

Blogging is such an interesting thing for me. Some days I really miss it and find myself making lists of alllll the things I could/should be blogging about. And then, other days? I feel sooooo much freedom from it. I used to stress about keeping our blog updated. About not missing a thing. About documenting every milestone and moment. It's safe to say that Instagram has really helped relieve me of most of that self-imposed stress. I take solice in the fact that I am able to post little bits and memories from our lives and that they won't forever be lost just because I'm not blogging about it.

All of that to say: if you're not following me or I'm not following you on IG, let's be friends! I'm over there, #overgramming cute baby pics, proud mom posts, or snippets from our circus-like life. It's just the season I'm in right now and I plan on riding the wave. Who know's what will be next?!? Periscope, perhaps? My techie husband is trying to convince me. We'll see!

Anyway. I do like to do a little "Christmas Home Tour" each year. It's fun to compare the photos from year to year, but really? They're so very similar. If you've been here for a while and have seen pics from years past, this year isn't much different. So, feel free to click away now.

Aannnnd to those of you still here -- Welcome to Tour de Christmas 2015:


1 comment:

Molly said...

Your home looks lovely!!!! I love your christmas decorations!

Also, i feel the same way about blogging. i just can't keep it up like i used too but i also can't let it go.


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