Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sweet Camden Shea turns 7!

Birthday Week in the Starr house continues today as we celebrate 7 years of our Camden Shea. Oh, this girl! She entered our world a whopping 14 months after her big brother and rocked it to the core. With a personality that can best be described as “dynamic,” Cami Shea has expanded our capacity to love and parent beyond what we knew possible. Usually the “stirrer of the pot,” she is also the first to cuddle, nurture, and comfort. Camden is our passionate child. Everything she says, does, or thinks is intense, well thought out, and likely to cause a reaction.

Cam enjoys being in baby sister’s face (literally. She can’t/won’t leave her alone.), bossing around all who will listen, playing house, doing crafts, naming future children, throwing, hitting, dribbling, shooting, deciding what to wear in the next hour, trying to keep up with older sister, and strategizing ways outplay big brother. She is my sports obsessed girl, with an eye for fashion, and a heart of gold. But don’t let the cute blonde cut and baby blue eyes deceive you, Cam also holds the family record for most hours served in T.O. (time out) and has been the guinea pig for a variety of experimental parenting strategies (conclusive results still TBD). She has taught me a lot about parenting and even more about myself, because apparently we are a LOT alike. Which also means that I may or may not behave like a 7-year-old girl.

Cami Shea, you are a treasure and a blessing, to be sure. Your entire life has been a sweet, sweet surprise.  From conception, early birth, and gender to the sassiness and bubbly personality - we didn't expect any of it.  But, I LOVE surprises and you have been, hands down, the best of them all.  Such a funny combination of drama and joy, you are.  Your passion. Your conviction. Your strength (literally). Your resolve (some might call it stubbornness…)…I love it. All of it. You fascinate and inspire and exhaust me. With a spark in your eye and a VERY special place in our hearts, it is my privilege and my honor to be called your mom. Here’s to a stellar 7th year, my sweet sweet Camden Shea!

And, mostly for my sake, here's a quick interview with our birthday girl:

Then, also probably my most favorite Cami video of all time. We like to call it, "Good and Rubby." Enjoy and thanks for letting me carry-on about our sweet Sister.


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