Monday, November 09, 2015

Kaiah True turns 5!!

From this:

To this:

My first last baby. Of course, we have a real-life last baby now, but before Maysen Paige, my little Kai Pie was it. She was the baby...and was treated accordingly. I'll admit it -- Kaiah True has been on the receiving end of some serious spoiling. And I can assure you that she deserves every ounce of cuddles, hugs, grace, and kindness that she receives from us all.

Kaiah is the definition of sweet and the epitome of silly. She dishes out love and words of affirmation (she calls them "bucket-fillers") like nobody's business...which, obviously, makes her a family favorite. Her signature crazy curls are still going strong, but those cute chubby cheeks seem to be thinning out just a bit to match the rest of her skinny little bod. Just last week as I was sorting/organizing clothes, I had to force myself to remove all the 18 and 24 month pieces that lingered in her closet. Truth be told, they could still fit her around the middle, but the pants have become shorts and the long sleeve shirts turned into tees. Just more evidence that our little girl is growing up.

Speaking of growing up...yesterday, as we were making her birthday snack for school (homemade Oreos, if you must know), Kaiah said to me, "Tomorrow when I'm five, I probably won't need this step stool anymore because I'll be taller." Of course, I inserted a hard dose of reality, "No, babe. Just because you're turning five tomorrow, doesn't mean you'll wake up taller."

"But I'll FEEL taller." 

Of course, you will, Kai. That's the joy of going from 4 to 5. You get to FEEL it ALL! You get to sqeeeee, whine, cry, complain, and screech with excitement, without one bit of concern for how cool you look. What your heart feels, you have the privilege of expressing for us all to see and hear. Color me jealous. All those emotions just free to flow, without an ounce of accountability or consciousness.

For the past year, we have had the joy of watching you grow into and out of the fullness of being four. Your speech has dramatically improved, you've mastered a cartwheel, outgrown the "baby carseat," and hit the 35 pound mark on the scale!

Big stuff is happening, kid. Big stuff.

Your relationships with friends and siblings have become more complex...and also funnier. I love not only watching you grow, but listening to you grow, too.

My Kai. My buddy when the other babes had left me (for school. But still.). We've spent some serious quality time together over the last five years -- late night nursing sessions, cuddles on the couch, basketball/softball/football game watching, trips to Target, Tropical Smoothie lunchdates, and so much more. I certainly celebrate watching you thrive and thank God for your little life, but seriously. If you could just chill with the growing, that would be great.

My gosh, little girl...I love you so. You bring our family so much joy, laughter, and love. Keep growing, baby -- it's an absolute honor to observe.

All my love...and lots of big kisses,



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