Tuesday, September 08, 2015


I feel like such a slacker when I miss Monday and post our meal plans on Tuesdays. But, once again, this is more for me and my memory than anything.

Here we go! Dinner this week at Casa de Estrella (that's Star in Spanish, in case you didn't know...)

Monday: Leftovers. We had a fun weekend, full of family, friends, and food, which carried over to yesterday.

Tuesday: BBQ Ranch Crockpot Meatball...made into sandwiches on my favorite Sams Club French Bread loaves ($2.77 for 2 HUGE loaves!). Big family hack: meatballs last longer if you serve them as sandwiches.

Wednesday: French Toast Bake. Not exactly figure-friendly, but it is sooooo easy and yummy that it stays in the rotation.

Thursday: Bacon Lovers Mac & Cheese. Again, I won't be losing any weight with this one, but it'll be easy to throw together and serve before ball games.

Friday: Cowboy Chicken Wraps.

Weekend (or carry-over to next week if I can get out of cooking on Saturday/Sunday): Breakfast Burritos


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