Tuesday, December 09, 2014

November (yes, all of it)

Alright, I can't really think of any better way to get all caught up on my blogging than to do it in one quick long post. The good news for you is that one side-effect of my morning sickness is that I don't take nearly as many pictures as pre-pregnancy Missy did. Don't worry, though...with the icky stuff behind me now, my photo taking has resumed to over-the-top/borderline obsessive!

Ok, enough of the chit-chat. Here is our November in pics.

This handsome fella and I celebrated our 12th Anniversary on 11/2/14 and treated ourselves to a meal, some shopping, and a child-free night (thank-you, Mesha & Hawka!). It sounds cliche, but our time together just keeps getting better and better. The things I love most about him (in no particular order) -- the way he leads our family and how he loves us.

Addi-girl has been balling it up for the last couple of months and it has been fun to watch her learn from Coach Dad AND form some other non-school, non-softball friendships!

Kaiah and I may or may not frequent Tropical "Smoovie" on a regular basis. What can I say? Baby loves Island Green AND they have great text coupons.

Sweet Kai-Pie turned 4 on November 9.

Bookend babes.

More birthday celebrating for Cami Shea and Kaiah True.

They like to play games. And I like to watch.

No caption needed. I just loooooove them.

My {toothless} birthday girl on the day she turned 6. It was a good, good day.

We may or may not have been cuddling in bed at 6:15 on a Friday night. I cannot confirm or deny.

Mr. Starr let me put up a few Christmas decorations BEFORE his normal day after Thanksgiving rule.

Dramatic performances are my favorite.

My preschool morning partners. Gosh, they're cute.

We spent a few days fighting the flu bug. You know it's bad when this cute guy stops to sleep.

We let them make their own breakfasts sometimes. And other times? It's just not worth the mess. Yeah, I said it.

This was a day that I've tucked away in my heart. It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The kids and I were busy running errands in the snow. Everyone was getting a long. There was lots of laughing. We had fun.

This has become one of the kids' favorite weekend/break traditions. They watch a movie, then spend the night rolling on top of each other. I wonder if they can make room for little Cinco in there?

Thanksgiving Day: Food Coma.

My favorite selfie partner.

Can you feel the love?

Annnnd that's a wrap: November 2014!


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