Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Putting them to work!

With our two busiest weeks of summer now behind us, it's high time we get back into the routine that was established during the first couple weeks of break.  I touched on it a little in {this} post, but here at the Casa de Starr, "routine" involves CHORES.

 (Oh, the injustice!)

This is our second year of implementing a system that seems to work fairly well for our family.  It is a system that involves "standard" morning and night time duties (getting dressed, brushing teeth, making bed, picking up bedrooms, etc.), then 2-3 household chores that change daily.  In all honestly, our expectations are relatively low and most of the chores take less than 15 minutes.  But, as you might expect, we get our fair share of resistance. <----- aforementioned="" and="" are="" attitudes="" bad="" course="" devices="" ee="" electronic="" for="" good="" he="" ll="" me="" nbsp="" o="" of="" p="" relinquishing="" solution="" something="" the="" these="" time="" to="">

I will admit, however, sometimes taking away technology seems like more of a punishment for me, the 
enforcer. But! I'm cool with taking one for the team...as long as it means chores are getting done and my little people are learning what it means to serve -- our home, our family, each other, and others.

One other thing -- at this point in our parenting careers, we've decided to abandon the idea of an allowance.  An attempt was made last year...for about 3 days.  Ultimately, we couldn't decide on a payment system that worked well and resulted in good money management lessons (give, save, spend).  Perhaps they're a little on the young side to really understand and find value in making money.  Plus?  Our kids don't want for much.  They have everything they need and plenty more. Our philosophy is: if they're contributing here at home and doing so with a servant's heart, then we will afford them small luxuries along the way.  And when the day comes that they have those BIG wants?  Well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.  As with anything, it's a little trial and a whole lotta error to find what works.

I'm curious...do your children have chores?  What is your system?  And do they earn an allowance?  If so, I'm all ears!

PS  All this busyness?  It's EXHAUSTING!


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