Wednesday, November 20, 2013

September 2013


Now, I know this might look overwhelming.  It does to me, too.  BUT, I just have got to get caught up or I’ll be kicking myself when my kids are older and I haven’t documented a single thing.  I don’t do scrap books or baby books, remember?  So, this is it.  Our September 2013 memories.  Jam packed into one blog post…that could more accurately be called an online photo album.  But whatevs.  Whatever you call it – I want to remember it!

{On the off chance that someone out there (besides my parents) misses regular blog posts around here, be sure to keep up with our daily happenings on Instagram!  Username: Starr Circus.  I {try to} post daily and keeping up with that just seems so much more manageable during this stage in our lives.  So – IG – it’s where we’re at!}

In September 2013 we…

Had lots of Starr Sibling Sleepovers.iphonedumpoct2013 550

Celebrated Mr. Starr’s birthday at Jethros form brunch. Nom.

iphonedumpoct2013 212 iphonedumpoct2013 213 iphonedumpoct2013 214

Enjoyed one more relaxing weekend by the pool.

iphonedumpoct2013 227

Watched plenty of {not so great} Cyclone football.

iphonedumpoct2013 228 iphonedumpoct2013 229 iphonedumpoct2013 425iphonedumpoct2013 482iphonedumpoct2013 507iphonedumpoct2013 508iphonedumpoct2013 514iphonedumpoct2013 523iphonedumpoct2013 527iphonedumpoct2013 528

Soaked up the sun while we still could!

iphonedumpoct2013 235 iphonedumpoct2013 236 iphonedumpoct2013 536iphonedumpoct2013 611

Enjoyed adventures in grocery shopping with Kaiah and Meyah.

iphonedumpoct2013 301

Celebrated Mr. Starr some more at Zombie Burger.  Nom. Nom. And watched Meyah enjoy her first bites for french fries.

 iphonedumpoct2013 345 iphonedumpoct2013 372

Watched football with neighbors.  Outside. iphonedumpoct2013 346

Watched, practiced, and played some serious softball.

iphonedumpoct2013 350 iphonedumpoct2013 659iphonedumpoct2013 660

Baked banana bread.

 iphonedumpoct2013 384

Ate bagels.

iphonedumpoct2013 400

Managed the garden.

iphonedumpoct2013 520

Snuggled with Uncle Scott.

  iphonedumpoct2013 426   

Ran a race – with the best cheering squad a girl could ask for!

 September2013 044     September2013 043 

Shopped with this silly girl.

iphonedumpoct2013 581 iphonedumpoct2013 582

And made memories TOGETHER – at home, in the doctor’s office, and at football games!

 iphonedumpoct2013 636 iphonedumpoct2013 637   iphonedumpoct2013 668 iphonedumpoct2013 670 September2013 019b September2013 039

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