Friday, June 07, 2013

A Little of Life Lately…

iphonedumpJune2013 575

{tired girls after our first day at the pool.}

iphonedumpJune2013 577

{we’ve been playing/watching/running to & from LOTS of ball lately.  and wouldn’t have it any other way.}

iphonedumpJune2013 576 

{weather here has been weird.  awesome, scary, and weird.}

iphonedumpJune2013 594 iphonedumpJune2013 595 iphonedumpJune2013 596 iphonedumpJune2013 598

{addi brought her bible down the other morning and declared that she was going to start reading the book of Genesis to everyone during breakfast.  allllrighty then!}

iphonedumpJune2013 599 iphonedumpJune2013 600 iphonedumpJune2013 601

{we love us some meyah.}

iphonedumpJune2013 602

{jojo reading to all her grandbabies.}

iphonedumpJune2013 603

{dinners on the deck.  restaurant leftovers.  don’t judge.}

iphonedumpJune2013 604

{our addi girl is changing so much and i find myself just staring at her lately.  my heart feels like it could literally burst with pride at time.  and then, of course, there are those other times….almost 8-year-olds are a strange breed.)

iphonedumpJune2013 606

{more ball.  and more rain.}

iphonedumpJune2013 607

{addi has become quite the little fashion designer.  she fancied up this blanket to make it a dress for cam using only hair clips and headbands.  cracks me up!}

iphonedumpJune2013 613

{yet she looks pretty cute and comfortable in her softball uni.}

iphonedumpJune2013 614

{more meyah. as if there could ever be enough.}

iphonedumpJune2013 615

{and this is why we have to hose them down after every.single.night spent at the ball field.}

iphonedumpJune2013 622

iphonedumpJune2013 623

And there you have it…lots of life lately wrapped up in one long post.

Happy Friday, Friends!

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Love it!!!!


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