Friday, February 08, 2013

Little Love…

There are several things that have kept me away this week – among the most important of those is this sweet face:

Meyah Owen Beres 090b

Friends, meet Meyah, my niece and newest little love.  Since making her arrival 2 weeks ago (5+ weeks early), she has finally tipped the scales and is weighing in at a whopping 5 lbs.  Just to clarify: that’s 5 lbs of pure sweetness.

And since Meyah was in such a hurry to arrive and meet us all, she will have the pleasure of attending a baby shower in her honor on Saturday.  Seeing as she is such a special little girl, this proud aunt is trying to do it up right and in style.  Hence, my MIA status this week.  Currently I’m knee-deep in tulle, glitter, tissue paper, and other party supplies.  So, basically?  Totally in my element.  Man, if I could do this party planning gig for a living, I’d be a happy girl.



{Stay tuned for an exciting announcement coming SOON!}

Anyhooo….back to the little lady.

In just a few weeks little Miss Meyah will be joining the kids and me on our daily adventures when her mama heads back to work.  It has been far too long since we’ve had a newborn around this house, so to say we are all excited is THE understatement of the year. 

Welp, I’m off to party plan and craft my afternoon away.  Here are just a few more pics from my extremely non-professional/proud auntie photo session with the cutest model on this side of the Mississippi. 

Meyah Owen Beres 231b Meyah Owen Beres 060b   Meyah Owen Beres 141b Meyah Owen Beres 150b Meyah Owen Beres 180b Meyah Owen Beres 198b Meyah Owen Beres 089bMeyah Owen Beres 211c


Emily said...

She's precious! What a doll baby!

chandra said...

What a cute little angel!
Great pics. I love the ones on the polka dot blanket!

chandra said...

What a cute little angel!
Great pics. I love the ones on the polka dot blanket!

Anonymous said...

Love love love! Thank you for everything from the baby shower to the pics of her! Can't wait until tomorrow to see what the master planner has prepared!

Molly said...

she is beautiful!!! and those are some pretty awesome pictures! nice work!

Anonymous said...

Love love love thesr pics! You did amazing!

Kendra ;) said...

LOVE these pics, especially when the little darling is all wrapped up! :):)


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