Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas Continued.

Today seems like as good of a day as any to share the rest of our Christmas pictures with you.

And by “share with you,” I mean “unload ON you.”

And by “Christmas pictures,” I mean “the very few shots snapped between trips to the bathroom and puke clean-up.”

Basically, if I had to pick just a few photos to sum up our holiday, it would look like this.

  December2012 565 December2012 599December2012 377b

There ya go.  No need to feel obligated to keep scrolling.

But for the rest of you interested in what memories being made mixed with occasional misery looks like, these are for you.

(In no particular order.)

December2012 623

The kids’ preschool program (Addi was sick)…

December2012 323b December2012 326b December2012 329b

Christmas at my parents (following Camden’s Christmas Eve Church barfing incidents and prior to J and Eli’s puking party.)

December2012 336b December2012 344b December2012 369b

Christmas morning.  For the record, it is NO fun playing “Santa” alone, when your “other half” is confined to the bathroom – for either party involved.

December2012 373b December2012 374b December2012 376b December2012 383b December2012 388b December2012 389b December2012 590 December2012 601

The End of Christmas 2012.  Now you can all breathe a collective sigh of relief.


Emily said...

Your kiddos are so cute. I'm sorry that everyone was sick but they are completely adorable anyway! Christmas was beautiful even if people are sick!

Kendra ;) said...

1. That pic of Kaiah screaming in from of the tree is priceless.
2. Obsessed with Addi's cd player.
3. Christmas 2012 will be one that you def don't forget!

Joanna said...

Sorry some of you were sick! No fun at all! We had upper respiratory flu after Christmas (passed on from family during celebrations) and Scott got to spend his vacation time taking care of all of us. Thank the Lord we are better and praying you are too.


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