Thursday, January 31, 2013

Big days.

Warning:  Total mom post to follow.

We’ve had a couple BIG days around here.  These children are just learning, growing, and exerting their independence at a rather alarming rate.

Let’s begin with the babe.

Miss Kaiah True did her duty (#2, if you must know) ON THE TOILET!  This is huge.  When THE day comes, I will NOT miss buying diapers…for the first time in 7 1/2 years. 

{no photos – for her sake AND yours}

Next up, Camden Shea.

She decided yesterday (after being annoyed with me for not doing it quickly enough!) that she wanted to learn to tie her shoes.  She and I had a short shoe tying session in the morning, and she practiced with her dad for about 5 minutes last night, then…BAM…all of a sudden she was a pro!  That makes one less pair of shoes I have to tie on the way out the door!

  January2013 285

On to our little learners.

Elijah Wrigley has all of a sudden taken an interest in reading.  Thanks to his dad (I can take NO credit), last night he read his very first book all by himself.  Of course, he was over-the-top proud of himself and woke up this morning to do the same thing.  What a joy it is to see your kids learn such a difficult, yet essential skill!

January2013 286

And finally, after what feel like months of parent v. kid power struggles, Addi picked up a chapter book on Tuesday, then sat down to read it on her own accord.  Now, this might not seem like a very big deal to most of you, but for us?  It was monumental.  Addison is a fantastic reader.  She is in the top reading group of her class and is constantly astounding us with the things she reads when we’re out and about.  HOWEVER, for whatever reason (ok, she *just might* be a little stubborn like her mother…), she has been SO resistant to sitting down and reading at home when we would suggest it.  Like, throw-a-fit-refuse-to-read-would-rather-go-to-bed, resistant.  And it was so frustrating.  J and I went back and forth on how to handle it since her reading in school wasn’t suffering.  We both love to read and it is our hope that our children inherit that love, as well.  We didn’t want to force her, for fear she would resent us and eventually dread reading.  BUT, we both know how instrumental free reading is in so many aspects of life: learning, socialization, comprehension, imagination, writing, etc. So, needless to say, these last couple days of unprompted, enthusiastic reading has been a huge answer to a prayer.

January2013 274

There you have it, an update on Starr children going-ons.

Happy Thursday, friends!


Molly said...

Yay! Yay! Yay! and Yay! I thought they each deserved their very own yay! All great news!

I hear you with the have to walk such a fine line...they need to read but they have to enjoy it!

I really enjoyed your total mom post:)

Scott Voigt said...

Miss you guys


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