Monday, December 03, 2012


We had a nice, productive weekend and I’m feeling pretty good about everything we got done.  Most significant, though?  I finally finished putting up the Christmas decorations.  Goodbye ginormous lights and ornament ridden Rubbermaid storage container sitting in the middle of my office.  Now I can sit back and just enjoy the sparkly goodness of an already decorated house for the next 22 days, which is my absolute favorite.  Well, that and the 25 Days of Christmas on ABCFamily.  Tour de Christmas 2012 coming soon.  Can you sense my excitement?

December2012 009   

Random note: Check out my new phone screen from Cuptakes.  Isn’t it adorable?

December2012 004    

Other than that, yesterday we had fun celebrating my Dad’s birthday after church.  Here’s an adorable picture of my dad, his twin brother Terry (Chandra’s dad!), and my Grandpa Francis.  So thankful for those birthday twin-kies and I have no doubt Gramps was partying it up (probably with some good wine and a lot of dancing) in their honor from Heaven.

December2012 001

And for good measure, here are a couple of favorites of me and my dad from back in the day.

December2012 002

December2012 003

(from L to R: me, my dad, a pig (??), and Chandra)

What else?  Oh, yes, I did some Christmas shopping (almost done – go me!), the kids helped decorate 2 of our 3 trees, I had a good {long} talk with my little brother, my sweet nephew Trey is now a walking machine, we had a family sit-up contest, I taught the girls some old-school hand clapping games, J is away on his first ever “real” business trip, the 2 littlest girls are sick, I broke my toe on the edge of our bed, AND the meal planning/grocery shopping is done! 

December2012 005

{silly sisters}

December2012 006

{sit-up contest}

December2012 007December2012 008

Here’s what’s one the menu:

Monday: We’re having apple/cheddar grilled cheese.  Have you ever put apple slices on your grilled cheese?  If not, DO IT!

Tuesday: Chicken and Noodles

Wednesday: Tortilla Soup

Thursday: Bubble Up Enchiladas

Friday: Stir Fry (carry over from last week – I just can’t get very excited about this meal, even though it’s healthy AND cheap.)

Well, that’s all I’ve got for you on this weird weather (it’s 62 degrees IN IOWA on DECEMBER 3!) Monday.  How was your weekend?  And whatcha eating?


Dawn Lauman said...

Looks like a fun weekend! I have the same lock screen it! Have a fabulous week!

Molly said...

Love the old pictures! So fun to look back!

Casey Wetjen said...

I love pears on our grilled sandwhiches, they carmelize and get so sweet! We had some last night

Kimmyyy83 said...

hope your toe feels better soon that stinks!

I love hand clapping games! ha I need to teach my girls this!


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