Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkey Day and MPM

So far today I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  Getting stuff done, making things happen, working on a to-do list longer than my right leg (it IS longer than my left, you know).  But that’s ok because I’m feeling refreshed. 

We had a great Thanksgiving/long weekend (minus a small sweet potato incident.  Long story for another day.).  It’s funny how those little vacations tend to come right when you need them the most, isn’t it?  Of course, I slacked in the picture-taking department, but I did manage to get a few with my phone.

I started out Thanksgiving Day in an effort to counteract the future feast – with a run!

 November2012 136

Then we headed to my parent’s house where Kaiah and Great Grandma Nana had a dance-off,

November2012 146 

the girls watched the parade,

November2012 143

Eli chilled on the deck,

November2012 144

Camden cuddled with Treydon,

November2012 145

and Kaiah mooched everyone’s meal.

November2012 142

After that we headed to J’s uncle’s hotel where we feasted, played games, won prizes, watched football, and enjoyed each other’s company.

November2012 139 November2012 140 November2012 141     November2012 138

It was a good day indeed.


On to this week’s meals…

Monday: Sausage spaghetti and garlic bread

Tuesday: Grilled turkey and cheese with veggies

Wednesday: Potato Soup and fresh bread

Thursday: Stir Fry

Friday: Spanish Omelets

So, how was your Turkey Day?  Have you planned your meals for the week yet?  And if so, whatcha havin’?

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Traci said...

Grilled hamburger wraps to get out of the turkey routine. SO GOOD and SO easy and No complaints from frick or frack!


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