Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Party Planning, take II

As I previously mentioned, we’re planning on hosting a little Birthday Breakfast Bash in honor of our smallest sisters this coming Saturday for family, then another small shindig for Cam and 5 of her friends next Tuesday morning.  All of this party planning, while relatively modest, still tends leave my head spinning. Food, game, gift, and decor ideas, oh my!  So! As a way to streamline my thoughts, make sure everything is done AND in an effort to minimize the last-minute freak-out, I do 2 things:

1.  I make lists.  A list of foods to serve.  A list of things to buy at the store.  Lists of activity ideas, potential decor options, crafts to make, etc.  Lists of lists to make.  It’s the way I roll.

2. Next, I make signs.  Signs to label food.  Signs to welcome friends and family.  Signs to say thanks.  Basically?  Signs to keep me sane.  And signs that are totally unnecessary.  I mean, really.  Do you really need a sign labeling the obvious?  I think not.  But I do it anyway.  And here’s what I’ve got so far.


{placemats for the kiddos}

placemat cereal  pancakes  donuts

{for the adults.  obviously.}


{to set at the goodie bag table.}


I’m a bit ridiculous.  I know this.  But I can’t help myself.  Pretty things that create order make me happy.  And keep me somewhat sane.  Can’t wait to show you the actually party pictures!


Anonymous said...

Haha! Funny Missy. Ken & I got in a "mini" fight while planning Cameron's 1st B-Day party. I was stressing a little bit...ok, A LOT! And Ken couldn't take it anymore. The end of our argument came when he screamed "Everyone knows what a *BLEEPING* hot dog is...we don't need your little card tents labeling the food! It's not like we're serving frog legs and caviar!" LOL! He was right, but I totally understand the need for cute party signs/decor! Have fun :-) -Lindsay

Ann L. said...

We are too much alike in this sense Missy! Order makes me very happy too! Do you design all of your party labels, etc.? Love! You should go into business. My sisters tell me I should be a party planner but I think you've got me beat on that! To much fun!

jill said...

the first comment made me laugh. i think something very similar happened here in april. baby girls 2nd bday is in february and i'm already making my lists and planning.


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