Monday, November 19, 2012


Wow!  Monday’s just seem so much more do-able when they’re kicking off a short week, right? Right. I set a new personal record and was wandering the aisles of Wal-Mart before 6:00am yesterday morning in an attempt to knock out the grocery shopping early AND to avoid the CRAzay-town that it becomes.  Mission accomplished.  Now I can safely say that we’re ready for the week ahead and for quality family time over the holiday.  I also may or may not be over-the-top excited to do some Christmas decorating later this week.  I had every intention of doing it last weekend, but this warm weather just isn’t very conducive to the necessary holiday decorating mood.  Not complaining, just saying.

On to this week’s meal plan!

Lots of chicken (it was on sale), followed by lots of turkey.  Thankful for every bite.

Monday: Chicken and hashbrown casserole (carry-over.  womp-womp-waaa.)

Tuesday: Chicken, Ranch & Rice Soup

Wednesday: Chicken & noodles (skinny-ified)

Thursday: I’m taking my Aunt Nancy’s famous cream cheese corn and Sweet Potato Soufflé to the Starr Thanksgiving.

Friday: Papa Murphy’s is having a Black Friday $5 pizza special and since I can’t cook many meals for cheaper than that, we’re going to get a couple for dinner and a few for the freezer.

I had a little help with my meal planning/list making on Saturday from this cute, blonde babe.

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