Monday, November 12, 2012

Camden, the 4th year.

It’s another day of celebration around here as we honor our now 4-year-old.  Sweet Camden Shea entered this world 3 weeks and 5 days early after hours of contractions that started “gas pain” and in such a hurry that her daddy almost missed it.  The details of that day, much like the birthdays of her siblings, will forever be ingrained in my mind and the emotions rooted in my heart.

If you’re a mom you know. You know that instant love.  You know the fierce protection.  The deep-seeded infatuation.  The phrase “I could just eat her up!” doesn’t sound the least bit crazy or cannibalistic.  You know THAT feeling.  And, oh my Cami Shea, the minute I laid eyes on you? All those feelings came flooding back so fast and so fiercely that all I could think was:


And to this day the intensity of that love has not changed.  Not one little bit.  Your spirit is infatuating and your excitement for live is invigorating. 

(Once again) I posted this to Facebook this morning and rather than trying to find just the right thing to write twice in one day, I figured that I would post it here too.  (No need to re-invent the wheel, right?).

On the heels of her baby sister’s birthday, Camden {our now 4-year-old}, would like me to “tell da Facebook dat it’s my birfday too.” When asked if there was anything else she’d like me to say about her, she said, “tell dem I like Barbies, playing with my friends, helping you make stuff, but not watching the boys’ shows on TV or when my throat hurts.” To that I’d like to add: Camden is our passionate child. Everything she says, does, or thinks is intense, well thought out, and likely to cause a reaction. She is known as the “instigator” around our house and for good reason. If there is an argument, she is likely behind it. A plot to pull one over on mom? Yep, Cam’s idea too. BUT! She’s the first to offer up a hug, wipe a tear, comfort a sibling, or flash a {contagious} smile. She has a spark in her eye and a VERY special place in our hearts. Happy Birthday to our sweet Camden Shea!

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Molly said...

Happy Birthday Miss Camden!!!

Carrie77 said...

What an amazing collection of photos! Happy Bday!


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