Wednesday, October 17, 2012

the proof is in the pics

I’m posting these pics today purely as a reminder to myself of exactly how cute she really is. 

Because yesterday in the midst of cleaning curdled milk puke out of a car seat and off a couch (my nostrils will NEVER be the same), followed by a night of absolutely NO sleep, her adorableness was just beginning to dull.

Until I saw these.  And all was right in my world again.

October2012 065bOctober2012 079b  October2012 078b  October2012 082b


Holly said...

She is cute! And so is that chair... and your built-ins... and the chalkboard stairs. Swoon!

Alexis said...

Oh the preciousness! She a doll and I hate that she was sick. Sick babies are soooo sad.

So I am curious. Do you catch everything your kids have? I am trying to prepare myself for when Crewe goes to school.

Andy and Chelsea Reed said...

Girl, i know that exact smell. Sydney puked recently in her car seat and it has not been the same. Every time Henry gets into the car he states: "Sissy smells!" It makes me want to go buy a new one. Its like it is ingrained in the straps or something????? P.S. I hope all is well with you. I have been reading your blogs and know that prayers are going in your direction. And know that nothing is a surprise to God. :) xoxxo


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