Monday, October 22, 2012

MPM & a weekend recap

In the interest of keeping things cheap and easy, this week’s menu plan is kinda sorta on the boring side.  See?

Monday: Chicken & Dumplings

Tuesday: Taco Salad

Wednesday: Spaghetti and garlic bread

Thursday: Baked Potatoes

Friday: Homemade Pizzas

Saturday/Sunday: Breakfast for dinner!

Honestly?  I just kind of ran out of time/energy to be much more creative than this.  And that’s ok.  Sometimes you’ve got to get back to the basics, right?!?


Our weekend.

It’s was nice.  Friday night was spent lounging around.  Saturday morning we went to Eli’s last fall ball game of the year, then home to watch the Cyclone game on TV.  After a disappointing loss we drown our sorrows in oatmeal and cereal for dinner.  We are high class, folks

Yesterday I was up and at ‘em early to run the Des Moines Half Marathon.  I’m happy to report that my sole sista Kelly and I finished and were relatively happy with our time, considering we had no specific goal in mind other than to finish.  My cheering squad (my mom, J, and the kids!) was out in full force and, once again, they kept me going!  I told my mom that I can’t help but to tear up each and every time I see a familiar face.  I am beyond grateful for their support! 

I kind of sucked at picture taking, but here are a couple from the day.

{this was my favorite shirt from packet pick-up.  the front said: run like a mother.

 October2012 473 October2012 474

{Here’s the link} to view the official race photos. You may have noticed that Kelly like to *ahem* ham it up for the photographers a bit.

And here is how I spent last night:

{getting a massage from my biggest girls.  see?  they’re so much more than 2 pretty faces.}

October2012 475

{eating back burnt calories and loving every bite.}

October2012 476

Then there’s today.  Someone woke up with a case of the Monday’s, which obviously makes my day totally and completely, really, super-duper awesome.  I mean, if you enjoy having a screeching toddler hanging on your leg and all.

October2012 478

She did manage to get things turned around for 6.27 seconds and just in time for her nap. 

October2012 487

We’ve got a pretty low-key week planned and are looking forward to a few fun outings like the preschool pumpkin carving night with dads, dinner with friends, and an Iowa State game on Saturday.

So, how was your weekend?  What’s on your agenda for the week?

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Holly said...

Your food plan for the week looks yummy. Do you just buy the premade taco shells for taco salads? And all men love breakfast for dinner. :)


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