Friday, October 26, 2012

I’m A Fan Friday!

Here are just a few things that I’m fancying on this fantastic Friday.

1. {This} post from Kristin at We Are That Family about The Main Problem With Giving Our Kids an Easy Life. It was a particularly good reminder for ME about why this life wasn’t meant to be easy and why we endure hardship.  It’s about the journey, you know?  AND about giving it {the journey} to Him.

2.  This is a {terrible!} picture of my very favorite piece of jewelry (and sun damaged chest.  dear 16-year-old self, you’re going to regret that time in the tanning bed.).  It was made by and given to me as a gift from my friend and neighbor, Emily.  She is one of the creative geniuses behind El Photography & Design AND {this} Etsy shop. I’m sure you can’t tell by the picture, but my necklace has 5 charms: a big one with a picture of my foursome, then 4 more charms, each with the first letter of my kiddos’ names.  Don’t ya think these would make an awesome Christmas gift?!?

 October2012 633

3. This HILARIOUS video. Kid can cut a rug, yo!


4.  These pics of my biggest & littlest making muffins and being cute.

October2012 593

October2012 594

4. Daily letters like this from my dear, sweet Addi-girl.

October2012 634

Dear Mom,

Can I have my own room please. And a tv. PS Kaiah is too loud. PS Can I walk Ty. Cam is mean to me all the time.


Your loveable child, Addi

October2012 589

5. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Who’s with me?

And, finally?

6. This video of my not-so-talkative toddler.  She’s kind of off to slow start in the speech department, but we’re working on the words and it’s been fun to see her vocabulary bulk up a bit. Also?  She’s adorable.

Happy Friday, friends!


Annie.Brees said...

Love Daniel tiger! Sloane and I are always singing his little tunes! But I also loved Mr. Rodgers back in the day! Thanks for the post yesterday about your house. It makes me feel better about ours. Isn't it funny how we imagine other people's lives and when we don't know for sure we (at least I) always picture them to be perfect when really they probably aren't even close. Hope all is well!

megan sonneman said...

We love "DT", as he's know around here! Thankfully someone was smart to bring back the awesome Mr. Rogers, we so need him in this world! Thank goodness for DVR so that at the drop of a hat DT can be turned on;). And I wonder why when a new, adult, show comes out, there is a whole season of episodes, yet with kids shows it's 4 episodes?! (The thoughts that run through my head upon listening to the 'I love you' episode for the 100th time.

Love this post, is really about the little things and daily life right?!

Traci said...

I have some of those "love notes" from AJ too. I LOVE reading/ translating them!!


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