Friday, October 05, 2012

Hellllllooooo!!! My first {Friday Favorites} Vlog.


Hey, remember that time that I took almost 2 weeks off from blogging, then decided to come back BIG with my very first {perhaps last???} vlog?


A few things to know prior to watching:

1. This is waaayyy out of my comfort zone.  Like, a million giant steps out of the box. But you know what they say about taking risks.  And this is about as risky as my little life gets these days.

2. On a normal day, hearing my own voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard.  But today?  With a cold? I could poke my eyes out with a pencil.

3. If you watch closely enough, at one point you’ll see the fat dog sprint behind me with something in his mouth.  I’ve since discovered that it was a pink and purple penguin sock and he obviously decided to devour it as a late afternoon snack. Rest assured, we will soon be seeing it again in a pile of puke or poop. Oh, how I wish I could say that this is an uncommon event around here. My life is so glamorous. 

4. What in the world is that weird eye thing I do?


Wanna play along?  Because I totally think you should.  Just hop on over {here} and link up!


Happy weekend, friends!  We’ve got a busy one…dinner with the fam tonight, the Color Run tomorrow, church potluck and family pictures on Sunday!  Be back soon!


Alexis said...

You sound great! I had to go in and add the Warning on mine. Not sure why it turned out so loud.

Thanks for stopping by mine.. Oh I hear you on the dog puke piles. We have a goldnen retriever.

Look forward to following along. Your little family is precious and your daughter was cracking me up!

Melanie @ 4Kottez said...

New follower for sure. You are so cute. Looking forward to following.

Holly said...

Missy... I love your blog!! And you are a gorgeous mama. Is that a chalkboard staircase?! MAJOR BLOG-MOM points on that one. :)

Thanks for linking up and Happy Friday!

Alisa said...

You rock.

Shelli said...

I see chalk! Your blog is so cute and your kiddos are precious! Love that your daughter in the overalls made a cameo. Ha!

Sam @ 2 Cats and a Girl said...

I loved this! I also would do everything to get my computer out if my place caught on fire. Loved seeing your dog!!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Tiffani Vasquez said...

I love your stair case!! That looks awesome!

Thoughts from Tiffani

Emily said...

Missy, you are so darn cute! Oh. Girl. You had me at pizza. I loooove me some pizza!! I could eat it every day!

Thanks for linking up with us and going outside your comfort zone!

Is that a chalkboard staircase?!? Oh goodness what an awesome idea! I have been trying to think of somewhere to put a chalkboard wall in my house and have come up empty so far!


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