Friday, October 19, 2012

Flashback Friday

Addi is working on a timeline project for school, so I spent an hour yesterday looking through sweet pics of our biggest girl as a babe.

You know?  As I was showing these pictures to my parents last night, I was overcome by emotions that brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. With each picture there are very specific, vivid memories. Memories of how I was feeling, what we were doing, where we were going.  And at the root of it all?  Joy.  Just pure joy.  This girl and the memories she’s created – they’re joyful.

Curly Sue!b 1-7-2006-21 8-28-2005-22b 8-28-2005-32b 8-28-2005-87b 8-28-2005-241b 8-28-2005-391b 11-27-2005-49b 0019b 0034.0b 0068b 0069b adb Addib


Emily said...

These pictures are precious! She is such a cute girl! I was just looking back at pictures from when my son was born this morning. I love it!

jill said...

i cleaned out the glove box in my car the other day and found fletcher's 1yr pics. i shed a tear just looking at it, remembering how it was and how things have changed. what fun memories.


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