Monday, October 15, 2012


In the midst of some recent sad, somewhat scary news, I feel God at work in our home and in the lives of loved ones. Not sure if I’ve mentioned it here before or not, but I’ve never really been one for change.  I prefer a life of ease and feelings of safety to one of hardship and risks, but no one ever asked me my preference.  However, there is one thing I’m absolutely certain of, friends, my God is BIG and has BIG things planned for our family.  And during those sad, scary times?  He WILL show up. 

{This post brought to you by the lump in my throat and fire in my belly.}

Please excuse my necessary elusiveness and just know that there will be some changes in our lives AND on this lil ‘ol blog. Changes may include (but are not limited to): a new look/design (blog friends, who can help??), accepting advertising, an increasing variety of post topics, guest posts (email me if you’re interested!), and perhaps even post frequency.  Consider this my first of many upcoming risks and out-of-the-box moves. 

The second and third?  Wearing these green skinnies out of the house and then posting the pic for all of the blogosphere to see.

October2012 206October2012 198

A couple things that won’t change:

1. The frequency with which I’m totally and completely unprepared for Meal Planning Monday. 

2.  The number of iPhone photos posted here.  Here are just a few from our weekend, so you know I’m not lying.

 October2012 192  October2012 196 October2012 197 

A fun little family game of guess the Beres Baby (my soon-to-be niece or nephew!) hang man style.  He/she is joining one fun, albeit slightly crazy, family!

October2012 195


And, just a little glimpse at what consumed the majority of my weekend.  The Great Fall Clothes Sort of 2012.  Trust me when I say that this isn’t even the half of it.  I know.

October2012 200 

Happy Monday, friends!  And thanks for sticking around!


Holly said...

1. My hubby does blog designs. :)
2. I'd love to guest post.

Change is good... unless it involves spending a bunch of money or gaining weight. :)

Emily said...

I hope your changes are good ones! I'll be thinking about you and sticking around to read all about your changes....

I need to tackle cleaning out closets and get some of your motivation to do so!

Dillinger Family said...

Change is always hard. Sending prayers your way for whatever is changing. God WILL always show up. I have faith that whatever path you are on, God will walk with you and the fam and guide you each and every step.

megan sonneman said...

This post spoke to me and I understand your dislike of change. Prayers your way!

Casey Wetjen said...

I am not good with change either! I would love guest post for you!

Allison Froehle said...

Praying for you sister.

Allison Froehle said...

ps - can't wait to read all of your new blog posts. Pioneer Women who?


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