Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Blog jacking is the thing to do!

In case you didn't know, now you know!

Many of you that visit this great blog may not know, I've been on a #missionoflove for over the last month.  What in the world is that?  I know my queen hasn't shared it with her bloggies because I'm pretty sure it's totally embarrassing to her.  So here's my explanation.
A few months back I had a nasty run of making comments that maybe weren't as flattering as they should have been about my queen.  Even though they were all shared in fun, I did recognize that they hurt her feelings and that I wasn't being the best husband I knew how to be.  So how do I turn those bad choices into a positive and show my one true love how much she really means to me?  I go overboard of course!
I began my #missionoflove via my twitter account.  Daily, since late August, I have made it a point to tweet something that I love about my better half.  The last month or so I've included the #missionoflove as a way to describe my infatuation.  Some of these have been truly thought out and planned, and some have just been random thoughts I've had.  I've tried to avoid duplicating thoughts, we all know I could tweet everyday about her rocking bod, delicious meals, or amazing parenting skills.  As is my style, I don't double check my spelling or make sure what I've said even makes sense, but hopefully she sees the true meaning behind my exaggerated outpouring of love.  She's my world, my better half, the ying to my yang, and my perfect compliment.  I'd be lost without her, and I'm a better person, father, man, dad, husband, human being for spending every day with her.  I'm glad she's on my team and pulling in the same direction as me.  I believe I'm one of the best judges of character anyone will ever meet, and my proof for this profound statement is simple.  I found the most perfect person to spend the rest of my life with, jumped on the opportunity, and made her mine, and am reminded every minute of every day what a great call that was.  I'm one lucky guy, but I also understand that when you have a great opportunity looking you square in the face, you don't hesitate, and you do everything in your power to capitalize on it.  I believe that's what I did when romancing my lady.
For anyone interested, feel free to join in on the #missionoflove fun by following @daddystarrbucks on twitter.
I know I'll hear tomorrow about how I'm so random and ramble on, not making any sense, but hopefully she knows it's all meant to make sure that she knows just how great she is.
Thanks for hanging in there and reading about how great my wifey is.  Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging!

Mr. Starr

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chandra said...

Great post daddy starrbucks! Love how you 2 compliment eachother and I see how much you love and respect one another. You have a great love story! Thanks for taking the time to post about your wonderful lady! I know what a special woman she is, and lucky me I am related to this amazing lady! Love you guys!


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