Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wordless{ish} DL 2012

At 4:35 this morning I realized that I never really recapped our Disneyland vacation in pictures or words (I think about some random, crazy stuff in the 10 minutes after my alarm goes off and before my feet actually touch the floor).  And while I’m not sure I have it in me right now to fully summarize the entirety of our trip (this is where you all breath a sigh of relief and thank me for sparing you a ridiculously wordy essay), I do think a picture-packed post is in order, along with a few highlights via my sloppy iPhone journaling screenshots.

As always, no pressure on you to follow along.

I made the decision early on to NOT take my DSLR and to just rely on my iPhone camera.  My reasoning was mainly for the sake of ease.  I didn’t want to be tied down to lugging that big thing around OR to worrying about leaving it in the stroller or whatever.  And you know?  Looking back I really do think it was the right choice for me.  Were there times that I wished that I could ensure a great shot with a no-fail camera?  Of course!  But more than anything, I was grateful to have my hands free (well, as free as they can be with 4 kids, 2 strollers, and 1 bag).  Anyhoo, here is just a picture sampling of our fun. At the bottom are the daily notes I kept on my phone, which totally does not take the place of journaling, but for this season in my life, it will have to do!

Disneyland2012 067 Disneyland2012 004 Disneyland2012 005 Disneyland2012 006 Disneyland2012 007 Disneyland2012 011 Disneyland2012 012 Disneyland2012 014 Disneyland2012 016 Disneyland2012 017 Disneyland2012 018 Disneyland2012 019 Disneyland2012 387 Disneyland2012 112 Disneyland2012 113 Disneyland2012 155 Disneyland2012 252 Disneyland2012 275 Disneyland2012 287 Disneyland2012 299 Disneyland2012 321 Disneyland2012 324 Disneyland2012 354 IMG_5069 IMG_5070 IMG_5081 IMG_5082 IMG_5084 IMG_5134 IMG_5240 IMG_5241 IMG_5246 IMG_5247 IMG_5249 IMG_5250 IMG_5256 IMG_5257 IMG_5260 IMG_5261 IMG_5267 IMG_5269 IMG_5384 IMG_5385 IMG_5386 IMG_5388 IMG_5389 Disneyland2012 445 IMG_4652        IMG_4653 IMG_4656 IMG_4657 IMG_4730 IMG_4733 IMG_4827 IMG_4893 IMG_4897 IMG_4900 IMG_5032 IMG_5033 IMG_5042 IMG_5045 IMG_5046 IMG_5047 IMG_5048 IMG_5065

Disneyland2012 468Disneyland2012 469

Disneyland2012 470Disneyland2012 471Disneyland2012 472Disneyland2012 473


Molly said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time!!

Anonymous said...

What no mention of your awesome ride on the luggage cart? Boo! That should be included ;o) And yes, I will continue to bring this moment up whenever possible.


Stacey said...

I'm totally just catching up on your blog. But I got completely lost at your first comment....4:35am, 10 minutes before you get out of bed....please, please, please tell me you do not wake up that early.

No wonder why you're so awesome and get so much stuff during the day! :-)


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