Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Weekend Recap and MPM (on Tuesday!)

Wow, what a weekend! 

Football, fun, and family pretty much sums it up.

We kicked off the fun with Friday Night Lights and Addi’s pre-football game cheer performance.  {Video coming soon.}  The boys stayed for the game’s entirety, while us girls bowed out at halftime with a Sonic stop on our way home.

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Saturday morning began with preparations for tailgating and the Iowa State season opener.  We were headed for Cyclone Country by 10:15 and despite the heat, no naps, and an all-round long day, everyone did fantastically.  Especially our beloved Cyclones, who put on quite the show and got the W. 

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Sunday brought church, lunch, and swimming at my parent’s, followed by a birthday celebration in J’s honor with his family Sunday evening.

And, finally, yesterday – Labor Day.  Or the day of non-labor as I like to call it, since we did a whole lotta much needed nothingness.  It was wonderful.  J and I got our workouts in early, then I ran a few errands, while he did fantasy football draft prep.  The kids and I wrapped up the long weekend with a picnic dinner in the living room and J spent the evening drafting an “awesome” (his word, not mine) fantasy (“pretend” – my word, not his) team with friends.

That brings us to today, also known as reality.  Blah. But!  We’ve got a less busy shortened week, some fun things to look forward to, and my meals are planned.  Here’s what I’ll be forcing my children to eat this week.

Monday: We had homemade pizza rolls

Tuesday: Slow Cooker Chicken Enchiladas (carry over from last week)

Wednesday: I’m eating dinner with friends, so J’s on his own for grilled cheese.

Thursday: Shepherd’s Pie

Friday: We might finally get around eating the Bubble Up Enchiladas that I’ve had planned for 3 weeks now.

Here’s to a 4 day week!

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