Wednesday, September 05, 2012

{Semi} Wordless Wednesday: Preschool!

Sadly (for me!), I had to send my middles off to preschool this week – Eli yesterday (5 mornings a week preschool), and Camden today (3 mornings a week). KT and I are going to miss them like crazy around here, along with our lazy mornings and nowhere to go.  BUT, this is good!  Learning, listening, playing, creating friendships, and making messes somewhere other than my house – these are all things they need and are ready for! 

I’m proud, relieved and maybe just a wee bit sad to report that they both did wonderfully on their first days! No tears were shed, no lingering hugs had, just lots of smiles and confident “Bye Mom!”’s! I’ll take it!  And the 2 hours of time with just my babe aren’t so bad either.

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Below is where Cam got in on the picture taking action.  Not bad for a 3-year-old, right?

September2012 034b

And then it was Cami’s turn!

September2012 036bSeptember2012 040b

My preschoolers!

September2012 043bSeptember2012 041bSeptember2012 047b

Of course, Elijah needed a turn taking pics, too.

September2012 053bSeptember2012 052bSeptember2012 057bSeptember2012 065bSeptember2012 067b

With their buddy, Hudson.

September2012 072bSeptember2012 074b September2012 075b


chandra said...

so cute! Brylee starts preschool next week and is very excited as well! Kaiah will enjoy her mommy and me time!

chandra said...
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