Monday, September 24, 2012

Race Day and MPM!

Just a quick weekend recap and Meal Planning Monday post for you on this busy Monday.

Friday: J and I lounged around while the kids played outside until we finally decided that we needed to feed them.  At which point, we all hopped in the car and drove through McDonalds (a Southwest Chicken Salad for me!) and Jimmy Johns (for the rest of the crew!). 

Saturday: I had the opportunity to spend the day in Pella with my old teammates as we relived our glory days on the ol’ softball field again.  The day reaffirmed to me that: 1. Some things never change.  I’m just as inconsistent at the plate as I was a decade ago.  And my teammates are still like sisters to me and Central Softball is one big, happy family.  2. Some things change.  A lot. Apparently I’m a wuss and can’t field a ground ball without pulling my head to save my life.  And post game recovery is TOUGH.  At least that’s what my muscles are telling me today.

September2012 399{in the car BY MYSELF, PEOPLE!}September2012 401

{Central Softball class of 2002 – minus 1}

September2012 402

{not looking too shabby for a bunch of has-beens, right?!?}

Anyway, back to our Saturday.  While I was away living it up by myself, J and our parents were here getting Eli to his game and watching/entertaining the girls.  It truly does take a village, my friends.  I got back Saturday night just in time to help get kids in bed and prepare myself for the next day.

September2012 400

{this is the pic my mom sent me of Cam while i was in Pella.  Doesn’t she look naughty?!?}

Sunday: My sole sister, Kelly (get it?!? I couldn’t resist.) and I headed downtown bright and early for the Capital Pursuit 10 mile race.  My mom, brother Scott, J, and the kids bundled up to cheer us on.  And if I haven’t mentioned it before, let me just tell you now – having cheerleaders and familiar faces on those “long” runs is the only thing that makes them manageable!  We had a blast (well, as much fun as you can have when running 10 miles) and are feeling nearly prepared for the DM Half Marathon next month.  September2012 429

{waiting at the start line behind “bride,” “groom,” and “blind dude.”  Kind of cool – “blind dude” was tethered to the man in red next to him.  I lost sight of them pretty quickly after the race started, but I’m guessing they stayed together throughout the run.  people are awesome sometimes.}

    September2012 424

{getting ready to shed our layers and give my mom our jackets.}


September2012 422

{Right before the finish line.}


September2012 423 

{4 of my favorite cheerleaders.  yes, Addi is wearing fake glasses that she is currently obsessed with.  she’s strange, but that works out well because so am i and i happen to like strange.}

September2012 426 September2012 427 

J spent most of Sunday working at the rental house, while the kids and I hung around here.  We finished up the evening with church group for the big kids and groceries for me.  Exciting stuff.

Which brings us to today: Monday.  The day in which I attempt to get us organized for the next several days, only to feel like there just are NOT enough hours in the day to complete such a task.  The meal planning is done, however.  And here’s what’s for dinner this week:

Monday: Loaded Potato and Buffalo Chicken (I’m going to attempt to “skinny” this one up a bit!)

Tuesday: Turkey Caesar Pita Pockets

Wednesday: Vegetable Breakfast Casserole

Thursday: Preschool Potluck.  I’m taking {these} sandwiches and Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad.

Friday: Chicken Ranch Enchiladas

What are YOU serving this week?

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chandra said...

Lookin' good Miss! sounds like a busy, but fun weekend!


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