Friday, September 14, 2012

life lately as told by my iPhone….

  September2012 218

{After exceeding the recommending mileage on my previous Asics, I bit the bullet and had a {very non-threatening} gait analysis done Kyle’s Bikes here in town.  And what do you know?  They suggested these pretty new purple Brooks that fit like a glove.  Nothing like a new pair of kicks get ya re-motivated.  Just in time, too.  I’m running the 10 mile Capital Pursuit Race next week and the Des Moines Half Marathon next month!  Let’s get some miles on these babies!}


September2012 242 September2012 244  September2012 277

{cowboy boots and leotards}

September2012 278 September2012 279

{neighborhood cheer squad.}


September2012 280

{watching big sis play softball}


September2012 281

{i think i’ve figured out who she got that wrinkled nose thing from….}


September2012 282 September2012 283

{cupcake wars.  kt was not a fan.}


September2012 284  September2012 285   September2012 286

{a few more from our night at the drive-in.}


September2012 296

{a peaceful moment for the girl who rarely rests.}


  September2012 298

{the miniature bathrooms in the children’s area at our public library are the cutest.  And nearly impossible for an average sized human to use.}


September2012 288

{picnic in the park.}


September2012 323

{big sis is required to read 15 minutes a day.  lil sis loves to be read to.  this works out well for both of them. and me.}


September2012 324

{just a little cartoon watching in a princess costume.}

Happy Friday, friends!

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Molly said...

I am totally impressed (and slightly jealous) of all your running! Way to go! Maybe in a few or more months I could join for a run:)


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