Friday, September 21, 2012


No time to talk today, friends….I have a weekend waiting for me at the end of this post.  So let’s get to it!

Here’s a look at our week through my iPhone camera lens (@starrcircus on IG – find me!)!

First up:  A few from the Cyclone game last Saturday.

September2012 351

{cousin lovin’}

   September2012 348 September2012 349

{Sweet Baby Trey experienced his first in-person Cyclone game…can you see the look of pride on his Daddy’s face?}

September2012 350

{My child. NOT my empty beer case.}

  September2012 346September2012 345September2012 352

{I think it’s safe to say that our Addi girl is beginning to find her own style.  Of note: I did NOT send her to school showing off that much shoulder.  The shirt slipped down during the excited hug from little brother.}

September2012 354

{Aunt Danielle doing her thang.}

 September2012 355

{#ootd.  Thank goodness for some cooler temps!}

 September2012 356

{She gets this pose from her father.}

September2012 357 September2012 360September2012 358

{Laundry detergent making day.  I’ve got a post on this coming soon.  A review of sorts, if you will.  But, seeing as we made another batch, you might guess that we’re pleased as punch with it’s performance.  In case you were wondering…the first batch lasted 7 months!  And this second batch?  Took 20 minutes and $20 to make.}

September2012 359

{2 of my favorite people at 1 of my favorite places: the ballpark.}

  September2012 361 September2012 362

September2012 363

Happy weekending!


Angela said...

Its funny you mention your laundry soap, because I was just going to ask how you like it. I will be anxiously awaiting your review post. BTW... I wrote a review on the Asian Beef Cucumber Bowl

sophistifunk said...

you have the cutest kids!
p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

xo brie


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