Monday, August 13, 2012

Who told her she could go and turn 7?!?

Addi turned 7 last Tuesday and she spent the day like most birthday girls…in 3 different states, traveling home from Disneyland. 

Whaaaat?  That’s not how you spent your last birthday? 

Well, as unconventional as the day may have been, she reports that it was a (and I quote) “AWESOME” one, nonetheless.  I mean, what isn’t “awesome” about presents in your hotel room and breakfast at Goofy’s Kitchen, followed by a day with fam (albeit in an airport and on a plane), then ending with a night spent in your own bed for the first time in 8 days?

This girl, though.  I’ll tell you what -- she’s really something special. I find myself staring at her and thinking: Who is this little lady? This girl with dark skin, long curls, big brown eyes, and athletic build?  Where did my little chubby-cheeked, non-stop talker with a lisp and stocky legs go? 

In 2 days I will be sending her off for the first day of 1st grade and honestly?  I'm tearful just thinking about it.  She’s ready.  I, on the other hand, am NOT.  Call me sentimental and overbearing, but the thought of “handing” her over to another person for the majority of her days again, isn’t exactly my idea of comforting.  But this growing up stuff, it isn’t about ME. It’s about her.  And she’s totally rocking it.

Our little lady remains mature, often serious, sometimes bossy, fairly sensitive, and ALWAYS creative.  Her imagination is larger than life and she spends her days dreaming of what she can create next – televisions out of diaper boxes, blankets from felt, bows from duct tape, pet beds from Kleenex cardboard, signs & notes from paper, and “decorations” with string & tape.  She’s an artist that uses what we have and makes do with the resources around her.  Repurposing is the name of Addi’s art game (where she gets this from, I just don’t know! *wink*) and it’s intriguing/fascinating/inspiring to watch. 

My heart swells with pride watching Addison sister her little Starr siblings.  She takes great care in caring for, helping and “advising” them.  It’s a whopper of a responsibility to lead our crew and she does it effortlessly, leaving us no doubt that God created her with that very specific purpose in mind.  Our dream for our Addi-girl is pretty simple, really.  We pray that she continues to pursue God and all that He has planned for her with the overwhelming excitement, sensitive spirit, leadership, passion, and creativity that we see from her daily. 

Even in the midst of this“my baby is growing up” sadness, there is still some really comforting news – she’s maturing into a wonderful young lady and it brings me a joy that I never knew existed (mainly because I’ve never parented a ‘kid’ before!). So as the “Mommy’s” are slowing being replaced with “Mo-om’s” (& occasional eye rollings – we’re working on that!) and the lap-sittings are exchanged for shopping dates and cuddles in front of the TV, I will {do my best to} embrace and foster this next stage. 

7-year-old Addi,

I’m ready for you! Let’s make this year a great one! 

We adore you a crazy {borderline annoying} amount! And that’s just something you’ll have to learn to deal with, as your dad and I learn to deal with the dramatics, fun, challenges, and joys of raising a 7-year-old! 

We love you, little guinea pig!


(or Mom.  Whatev.)

(See?  Rolling with the punches.  To the gut.)

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Chandra said...

What a beautiful young lady she has become! Loved looking back at her through the years!


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