Thursday, August 09, 2012

We’re baaack!

Hey strangers!  We are home from our VERY fun and slightly exhausting Disney vacation and I am officially in unpacking/laundry-doing/birthday party-planning mode.  Notice I did NOT say picture editing/uploading/blogging mode?  I’m just not there yet.  But I will be. And when I am?  Watch out!  There will be pictures, stories and more pictures. Followed by even more pictures – all courtesy of my iPhone.  Consider yourselves warned. 

For now though, here are just a few (yes, this is just a ‘few’) photos of our Disney fun!

August2012 012


August2012 001

Dancing in Downtown Disney.

August2012 002

Our brick outside Disneyland.

August2012 003 

A day at the pool…

August2012 005August2012 004

A rare smile from our grumpy traveler.

August2012 006

Tower of Terror for our brave little riders…

August2012 007 August2012 008 August2012 009


August2012 010

3 crazy sleepers…

August2012 011

Be back soon!

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