Friday, August 24, 2012


I’ve been on somewhat of a self-imposed Instagram-ing ban as of late.  As you may of noticed I have yet to post, let alone edit, the majority of our pics from Disneyland.  So until I get that done and my iPhone cleared of vacay photo chaos, my Insta posts might be few and far between. 
But, here’s what we’ve got for now!
* We finally had the chance to visit one of my best friends, Marissa, her new baby girl Rowan.  Remember when big sister Harper and Kaiah were that tiny?!?  
August2012 294August2012 293
2.  After a rough couple of days these 3 and I finally called a truce over snacks on the front steps.
August2012 195  August2012 198   
3.  Things can get kind of boring without our Addi-girl here, so Cam arranged a top-of-the-tube-slide-tea-party and, I have to say, it.was.fab.
August2012 197
4.  Kai Pie has spent as much time in time-out this week as she has out of it.  At least she’s cute though, right?
August2012 325
That’s all for now!  Happy Friday, friends!

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