Thursday, August 16, 2012


In case you haven’t noticed, the last couple have weeks have been ca-ray-zay around here!  First vacation, then Addi’s birthday, a party, the 1st day of 1st grade, and now?  Eli’s 5th Birthday!


My boy.  Oh, my boy.  In this family he’s practically famous.  Everybody loves Eli. And with good reason, too.

He is tenderhearted and kind,

Funny with a contagious laugh,

Is the first to share his snack or cuddle up next to you on the couch,

And he takes instruction well {from bossy sisters}.

Yet?  He has changed so so much over the last year.  I see my boy growing into a confident and strong individual.  Give him a ball, glove, bat, helmet, or any uniform and suddenly his chest puffs out, voice lowers, and he exudes determination and self-assurance.  That, my friends, is fun and a joy to see. 

Here are just a few more things that make Elijah Wrigley Starr one of a kind:

  • Yogurt with cereal is his go-to breakfast.
  • He still sucks the middle 2 fingers on his left hand.  (we’re working on this!)
  • I know it goes without saying, but he is really, truly OBSESSED  with all things athletic.  Cards, games, figurines, jerseys, shoes, specific players, statistics, team names/locations/histories, even locker rooms – yes, every.single.detail.
  • If Eli is caught off guard or embarrassed he completely shuts down.  As in, becomes a hysterical, inconsolable mess.
  • He changes outfits no less than 3 times daily.  No joke.  His laundry triples that of ALL three of my girls. 
  • Shirtless is his preferred attire for outdoor play.
  • He is S-L-O-W. And perhaps hard of hearing?  I’m sure it’s just the four 5-year-old in him, but dude can’t do anything quickly or without being asked 793 times.  Except play.
  • Out of all of our children, he requires the least amount of sleep.
  • His piercing blue eyes, tanned skin, and deep dimple are the absolute most handsome thing I’ve ever seen.
  • Elijah tells me daily that he plans on living with me “forever and ever” and that he “will sneak a cat into my house.”
  • Daddy is, hands-down, without a doubt, 100% Eli’s favorite.  And I’m still ok with that.

If it were possible, I’m confident Eli would follow a ball to the ends of this earth. And I would be right there behind him. Because being anywhere without him just doesn’t sound like much fun. I’m practically on the edge of my seat waiting to see what God has planned for this little life.  To watch what he does, who he becomes, the people he loves.  It’s all so exciting.  Whatever it is, we’ll be there cheering him on!

Happy Birthday, Elijah Wrigley Starr!  To put our love for you into terms you’ll understand – We love you “GOOGLE times infinity and higher than the moon!”

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