Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: All City Play Day & Summerfest Parade


Hey, friends!  Happy Hump Day! 

Do me a favor…grab a beverage, put on your reading glasses, and make yourself comfortable because this post is filled to the brim with fun pics from All City Play Day last week and the Summerfest Parade on Saturday.

First up:  All City Play Day. 

We got there towards the end, but our monkeys enjoyed “driving” the big trucks and playing a few games.

July2012 155bJuly2012 162bJuly2012 163bJuly2012 174bJuly2012 166bJuly2012 169bJuly2012 170b

Up next: The Summerfest Parade. 

We always have quite the viewing crew for this marathon parade (almost 2 full hours).  See?

July2012 188b

{Jojo and the girls pre-parade.}

July2012 191b July2012 203b

{Waiting patiently.}

July2012 206b

{I had to wrestle him for a pic.}

July2012 209b

{I have no idea what they were discussing here, but I can assure you that Addison was pouting about something.  I know that face.}

July2012 210b July2012 216b July2012 218b July2012 230b July2012 241b

{Again with the attitude/pouting.  Ugh.  Almost 7-year-olds are such a funny combination of little girl and wanna-be pre-teen.}

July2012 245b

{Hanging with Aunt Lana.}

July2012 255b

{Part of our crew.}

July2012 256b July2012 259b

{The grandmas.  Man, I adore these 2.  They are so so so good to us.}

July2012 267b July2012 272b       

{Waving to the Sweet Sixteen Contestants.  Future forecasting?}

July2012 181b

{Our little ladies.}

July2012 184b

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