Friday, July 20, 2012


Guys?  I am STRESSED and have ulcers on my eyes.  And as if that wasn’t annoying enough, our house is in total disarray due to a going-to-be-awesome project that is underway.

Anyhoo, here’s a quick picture recap of our last week. 

July2012 274

Ulcers on the eyeballs.  Not so awesome.

July2012 286July2012 276

Pre-parade convo.

July2012 277July2012 275

E Man and his beautiful Sweet 16 date.

July2012 278 July2012 283

Group kid picture at J’s 15-year HS reunion = total fail.

July2012 280July2012 279 July2012 281 July2012 282  July2012 284  

I found this on the paper towel dispenser in the bathroom at our fav Mexican restaurant. 

 July2012 288 

Mickey pancakes.

July2012 290

Our library is the BEST.

July2012 291 July2012 292

Rough morning for the babe.  First a wardrobe malfunction, then a stint in timeout for hitting her sister.

Happy Weekend-ing, friends!  I hope to be back next week with a project reveal!

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