Friday, July 06, 2012

Insta-Friday…with some news (no, I’m NOT pregnant) and a funny story.

July2012 018

Check out this guy.  Working from home, making appointments, keeping people happy.  Like a boss. 

Remember awhile back I teased you with news of some “changes” around here?  Well, the biggest change is that Mr. Starr got himself a new job (complete with a new fancy title and a corner office).  Hooray!  Without getting too much into the nitty-gritty specifics, here are a few deets…

  • He is still with the same school district, but will now be out of the classroom and in a more administrative-type role, working with 39 elementaries.
  • The official start date isn’t until August 1, but he’s been working his little {cute} buns off getting ready, going to meetings, and keeping elementary school principals happy (perhaps the most difficult species to please???).
  • You may have noticed that I haven’t been talking much baseball here this year and that’s because Coach had to resign from his coaching position in order to take this job.  This was BY FAR the most difficult part of this entire process.  J has been coaching for 10+ years (9 of those with the same program he played for as a high schooler) and it is his passion.  That being said, this new job is an AWESOME opportunity for him professionally and also for our family.  The kids and I desperately miss our evenings at the ball field and the people we’ve made there in the last 9 years, but the memories are sweet and the friends are forever.  Also?  We’re entering a season in our children’s live that J just didn’t want to miss.  He wanted to be able to coach their teams and be at their games in the summer and those are things that just would NOT have been able to happen if he was coaching full-time.  Andplusalso? We have looooved having him home with us this summer (albeit sporadically) between meetings and such.
  • Speaking of having him home, while this new gig doesn’t allow him the entire summer off, it does give him 6 weeks PLUS vacation time.  Sweet
  • And as if a new job wasn’t enough, Mr. Starr will be heading back to school to pursue his master’s degree in educational technology integration…or something of the sort.
  • There’s a chance I might be hiring a cleaning lady.

Ok, that last one really isn’t a new job specific, nor is it entirely true.  However, I am doing my best to convince Mr. Starr that it sure would be nice AND lighten my load to bring in someone to do the things I’m supposed to do, but don’t because I’m too busy caring for the children making the messes which necessitate said cleaning lady. (long run-on sentences are my fave.  so are parenthesis.)

So, yeah, hooray for the hubs!  We’re bursting with pride and can’t wait to see what God has in store for him/us at this new position.

Moving on.

Yesterday the kids and I ran to Pet Smart to pick up another 75-lb. bag of food for our beast of a dog, who apparently prefers to dine on thermal blankets, then spend a week puking them up.  Anyway.

I promised the kids a quick peek at the cats in the back of the store.

Kaiah didn’t care for the way “Snowball” the cute, black cat was staring at her and let her feelings be known.  To the whole store. 

July2012 019

Once KT had calmed her overly dramatic self down we were admiring all the cute kittens in their messy cages, through the dirty glass when I happened to notice one doing her “business,” if you know what I mean. Camden apparently took notice too and announces “ Look, Mom!  That cat is playing in her sandbox!” To which Eli replies, almost on cue, “No, Cam.  That’s called a GLITTER box.”

July2012 020

Needless to say, we aren’t really what some might consider “cat people.”  I don’t do sneaky, scratchy felines that require GLITTER boxes in the house.

July2012 021

That being said, they were awfully cute.  Addi agreed and declared that she will be saving her birthday money to buy “Emily, the cute white kitty with a black nose.”

July2012 022 July2012 023


In other news, it’s been H-O-T here.  Like, sweltering, melt your face off, HOT.

July2012 024

It’s the kind of hotness that melts your Fro-Yo in 2.79 seconds.

July2012 027

So, today we traded in the overcrowded public pool and frozen yogurt shop for our relatively less-busy, air-conditioned home, where we’ve been resting and playing dollhouse.    

July2012 026July2012 025

And that’s been our {hot} post-4th of July, wonky week.

Happy Weekend, friends!


Alisa said...

Atta way, J! Congrats! (And Missy? You have such stinking adorable kids.)

Molly said...

congrats to J and all of you!! :) tell addi glitter boxes take a lot of work...we love our lucy but.....
I agree with melt your face off hot! yikes!


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