Monday, July 30, 2012

brain/photo dump….

My mind and phone are both cluttered messes today, so if you don’t care, I’m going to do a little brain/phone dump today.

First up: Pics

 July2012 328

Who has the cutest, most lovable nephew in the world?  I do!  And his mommy and daddy aren’t too hard on the eyes either.  Seriously.  How adorbs is this little family?

July2012 329 July2012 330

Me and my girls.

July2012 331 July2012 332

Summer is rough on this guy.


July2012 333 July2012 334 July2012 335 July2012 336 July2012 337

He loooves me.  Don’t let the stink eye fool you.

July2012 338

The many faces of Cami Shea.

July2012 339 July2012 340

July2012 341

Next: Mind dump.

  • So the Olympics are pretty much the best thing that has happened to TV in…oh, about 4 years. Amiright?  Which brings me to my next point…
  • I LOVE this post by Emily at Chatting in the Sky.  Tell me you saw this, too?!? And tell me you would NOT do the exact same thing if I was your teenage daughter competing in the Olympic games?!?
  • There are 4 to-do and to-pack and to-not-forget lists on my desk this very moment.  Along, with 3 on my dresser.
  • I’m the worlds worst packing procrastinator. 
  • Need proof?  Here I am!  Still sitting at this dumb computer while my saint for a mother is off feeding, entertaining, and loving on my children.

Ok, time is up.  I’ve GOT to go!  See you soon, friends!

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Amy said...

I adore your blog! You have such an adorable family! I nominated you today for the sunshine award. You can see what it is all about on my blog.


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