Friday, June 29, 2012

What’s app-ening?!?

Dear Missy,

I just adore your blog!  Your kids are cuter than a whole litter of furry, little puppies and your iPhone camera skillz rival those of a professional!  I was wondering if you would mind sharing some of your favorite iPhone apps with your faithful blog followers?


An adoring fan.


Dudes!  I totally just made that up.  You know that, right?  But, wow! Typing nice things about yourself (no matter how untrue) sure can boost a girl’s self esteem.


Anyhoo.  For a while now my friend Dawn and I have been sharing some of our favorite iPhone apps as we stumble upon them, which is great because 2 app researchers are always better than 1.  That’s what I always say.  No, actually, that’s the first time those words have ever slipped from my mouth, but I do believe them to be true.  And if 2 app researchers are great, a whole blogosphere of them is awesome, which is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE when I come across posts in which bloggers highlight some of their faves. There are soooo many applications out there, it’s nice to just have a little direction when searching for ones to make your life easier or more enjoyable. Since I’m a little short on blog material motivation these days, I decided to take a quick minute and share some of my most used iPhone apps.

First up, the obvious: 1. Facebook, 2. Pinterest and 3. Instagram

June2012 155

4. Flipboard: I use Flipboard to view my FB, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Reader accounts, in addition to some subscriptions to news, parenting, health, and US Weekly feeds.  I love being able to view all those things in one place.  Handy, dandy.

5. MapMyRun: This app gets daily use and I like that you can be “friends” with other runners who use it too.

June2012 157

6. GroceryIQ: Hands down, this is one of my absolute favorites.  J has this on his phone too, so any time either of us want to add something to our grocery list, it updates on both of our phones.  The thing I like best is that you can organize your stores by aisle, which saves me soooo much time.  Time=money.  If I’m wandering the store like a chicken with my head cut off, I will eventually find a container of Nutella and 25 other things calling my name.

June2012 156

7. Camera+: Great for photo editing.

8. PicFrame: For making photo collages.

9. Phonto: I use this to add text to pictures.

10. Snapseed: At $4.99, this is the most expensive app I have ever purchased, but I got rave reviews and over the last few days of playing with it, I can see why.

11. Cuptakes: All of my background and lock screen graphics are from this app.  They update frequently and have a TON of choices.  Cute cute cute.

June2012 154

12. Pandora Radio: For all my music needs.

June2012 158

13. Craigslist

June2012 160

14. Gift List Free: During the Christmas season, this app was perfect for keeping track of all of our gift buying. Way easier than a scribbled on sheet of scratch paper that I inevitably lost approximately 5 days before Christmas every.single.year.

15. Find iPhone: Hopefully I’ll never need to use this app, but should I ever lose my phone, I’ll be glad I had it.

16. Bible: Obviously.

17. AroundMe: This is one of those apps that doesn’t get everyday use, but when we are in an unfamiliar city, we have found it sooooo handy for finding gas/restaurants/coffee shops/banks/movie theatres/hotels/grocery stores.

June2012 162

18. Target: Also?  Obviously.

June2012 163

19. MouseWait and Disney Map: These are 2 apps that I haven’t actually used yet, but are in the artillery for our big trip next month.  I have a feeling they’re both going to get quite a bit of use!

Here are a couple screen shots of some random apps I have, but don’t use much and the folder I use for all of my kids apps.  To be honest, there really aren’t any that I LOVE.  The bigger kids use Puzzle Me, KT like Fish School, and the others are usually good for about 1 minute and 42 seconds of entertainment on any given day.

June2012 161June2012 159

I’m forgetting some really great ones, to be sure.  But I’m short on time and, let’s be honest, my list could go on forever! 

So, now it’s your turn.  What are some of YOUR favorite, must-have apps?  Any great recommendations for kids apps? Maybe something that will entertain our tribe on an airplane?

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