Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Race Day. Hey hey!

Hey hey!  I only have a few minutes left before nap/rest time are over and the quiet is gone, so I wanted to just quick pop in and let you all know that I am still alive.  Not only did I survive the {very near} half marathon on Saturday, I actually had…dare I say?….FUN.  I did.  In fact, fun might be an understatement. 

In comparison to last year, this year’s race was infinitely better!  The weather was per.fect, my legs felt good, and we finished about 6 minutes under my 2-hour goal at 1:54:28. Man, talk about a high! 

Here’s the one lonely pic from race day:


{Pre-race: Keith (Kelly’s brother), Jeremy (Kelly’s husband), Kelly, Moi, and my brother Scott}

{PS Why am I standing like an awkward 12-year-old girl?}

No worries, though…this surely won’t be the last time you’ll be hearing about the race.  I’ll be posting more details and a few more pics as the official race day photos become available.

I do need to give credit where credit is due, of course.  I’m 100% convinced that I would NOT have been able to finish without our cheerleaders (my mom, grandma, brother, kids, husband, and father-in-law) at miles 4, 8, and the finish.  They gave me something to look forward, provided a distraction from the intensity of the race, and were my motivation to finish.  A big, huge “thank you” to you all!

And also to you, my bloggy friends…thank you for your support, words of advice, and votes on my race day attire {#1 was the winner by a landslide.  See above.}. Your encouragement means the world to me!

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peter marie said...

Awesome job! Looking forward to hearing more race day details!!


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