Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More than I knew I needed…

You know when you don’t know how much you needed something until after it happens, then you realize: “Wow, I really really needed that!” ?

Yeah?  Well, that happened to me this last weekend.

J and I spent 31 glorious hours on a quick little get-away together.  Just the 2 of us.  No kids.  No dog.  No daily obligations.  It was a completely new experience for us to be away from our kids and ALONE together for longer than just a couple hours at a time.  In fact, we were recalling that the last time we stayed in a hotel, sans children, was when I was 6 months pregnant with Addi.  So, like 7 years ago now.  Holy cow. 

Of course, we missed our munchkins a borderline unhealthy amount. However, we knew they were being well taken care of/spoiled like crazy by the grandparents, which made it super duper easy to enjoy ourselves. 

On the 4-hour road trip north we played {this} game which was equal parts hilarious, entertaining, and thought/conversation provoking. We also mixed in a quick stop at the outlet mall to buy my guy some new work clothes.  Once to our destination we spent 3 1/2 hours shopping, checked into our hotel, ate a late dinner at a nice restaurant, then enjoyed the comforts of a king-sized, child-free bed.

Sunday morning we slept in a bit without the luxury of kid sized alarm clocks to wake us.  Then we were off to meet my cousin Chandra, her husband Darryl, and their two gorgeous girls for breakfast.  I’d been waiting to meet sweet Brittyn and she certainly didn’t disappoint.  The only thing that did?  My lack of picture taking.  Again.  Grr. 

After breakfast it was back to Ikea to shop for more things we never knew we needed, then on the road again back home to be reunited with our fab foursome.

And can I just say?  This guy of mine, he’s really something special!  While I didn’t necessarily know that I needed this time away, he did.  And he made it special.  He initiated fantastic {loooong overdue} conversations, paid for nice meals, held my hand, AND shopped without even a peep of boredom or annoyance.  HE is more than I ever knew I needed.  Thank you, God, for such a attentive, kind (albeit horrible photo subject!) man.

 June2012 029

June2012 030

{Our Ikea haul}


Molly said...

sounds like you had a well deserved great time! Ikea haul looks amazing!!

chandra said...

it was great to see you guys! Looks like you bought more than an office chair!

Casey said...

Why is it husbands cannot pose for a picture...mine is the same way...but I love him for that fact, he always makes me laugh!


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