Friday, June 22, 2012


I must be sick or something because with the exception of 2 fun outings, I really didn’t take many pics this week.  The big kids kept busy with VBS, and the 2 littles with friends and playdates. Nothing says “we’ve had a rockin’ week” like trips to the park, fun with friends, evening swims, and Sonic stops. 

So, without further ado, I present our rockin’ week in iphone photos:

 June2012 096 June2012 097 June2012 098

June2012 099

{One of my besties and her babes}

June2012 100 June2012 101

{A little friendly competition among 2 sweet girls that have a hard time following rules.}

June2012 102

{A yummy lunch made by the hubs: pita pocket with egg, 1/2 a spicy black bean burger, peach salsa, and avocado.}

  June2012 104

{Excited for Sonic slushies and playing at the park.}

June2012 105 June2012 106 June2012 107 June2012 108

{She’s a fan.}

June2012 103  June2012 110

{Parks are always more fun when you have a blue tongue.}

June2012 109

{Caught.  Showing up my son with my swinging abilities.}

There you have it.  Our week in iPhone photos! 

How was your week?  Any park playdates or Sonic stops?

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