Tuesday, May 29, 2012

weekend wrap-up

I was thinking this morning about how I wish that the long weekends could be recorded and replayed over and over again. That would be nice, right?  Fun, on demand and at our fingertips. But then I had to remind myself what I always tell the kids.

*using my best motherly, nagging voice"*

We can’t do fun and special things EVERYday, otherwise they wouldn’t be EITHER fun OR special.  They’d be boring and ordinary.”

I think it’s the same with long weekends.  If  we had 3-day weekends every week, then soon we’d become discontent and want more.  Now, I’m not saying I’d turn down an extra day of weekly R & R.  But I am saying that I know myself and I know what’s in me, what’s in us - greedy selfishness and earthly discontentment.  We were born possessing these sins.  


All that to say: We had the BEST weekend! 

Just a few highlights (in bullet point form for my sanity, of course):

  • Yummy Mexican food on Friday night with the in-laws.
  • Errands with my girls on Saturday morning. 
  • A baseball game for the boys.
  • A SUPER fun Saturday night dinner at my parents with extended family that included a little late night swimming for the kids.

(My cousin Mary with the kiddos.)

  • A final Sunday morning performance by our 3 Little Cherubs at church.
  • J’s homemade kid wash creation and MANY hours spent outside on Sunday afternoon/evening. 


(Killing time in Home Depot.)



  • Grilling with J’s parents Sunday night.
  • Breakfasts on the front porch 2 out of 3 mornings.


  • A whole afternoon swimming and sunning by the pool yesterday.


  • An ice cream dinner at bedtime to cap off the wonderful weekend spent with this guy and our crazy monkeys.


Gah.  I just love him.

How about you?  How was your weekend? 

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Angela said...

I have seen those pvc pipe sprinklers on pinterest before they look like a lot of fun. You have convinced me that we NEED to make one!


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