Thursday, May 24, 2012

School’s Out For Summer…

Those final days of school before the beginning of summer break have got to be some of the best in the life of a child.  I mean, with the exception of Christmas and birthdays, you’d be hard pressed to find a better “feel good” day than that last day.  There’s nothing like the anticipation of late nights and lazy summer days and I was reminded of that on Tuesday, Addi’s final day of kindergarten.  At 3:15 p.m I watched as she glided off her bus, The 909, and I’m not sure her feet even touched the ground as she raced to freedom, toothless grin stretching ear to ear. 

A couple neighbors and I had a little “Welcome to Summer” party planned, complete with a banner (that tore in the wind), snacks, and lots of games.  Once again, my “real” camera got left behind, but I was able to get a few shots of the fun using my phone.  But first, let me share the obligatory last day of school shots for both Eli and Addi. 

Little Man E and 2 of his favorite people in this world, Miss Jill and Miss Christy. May2012 013b May2012 016b May2012 017b

May2012 022b May2012 028b

Waiting for Addi to get off the bus.

May2012 034b

In the interest of full disclosure: this is actually the 2nd to last day of school.  They celebrated all the summer birthdays, hence Addison’s crown.

May2012 039b May2012 044b

And here she is, our kindergarten graduate:

May2012 049b

May2012 053b

(do you have any idea how strange it is to see your 6-year-old strike this pose with absolutely NO prompting?  weird.)

Ok, now on to the par-tay pics.

 photo_58 photo_59 photo_60 photo_61 photo_62 photo_63 photo_64

And just because I think it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever, here’s a little video of one of the games.  Watch until the end to see Kaiah’s reaction.  Priceless.

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