Thursday, April 26, 2012


  • This morning I actually heard the words, “We don’t pick other people’s boogers” come out of my mouth. 
  • Without a doubt, one of my most favorite times of day is watching my Addi-girl get off her school bus.  She doesn’t see me watching, but I am.  And most days I wonder how in the heck she got so grown-up.  On a related note, I have a strange, very irrational fear that someday she won’t get off the bus.  But let’s not talk about that…
  • Sweet Kaiah True is days away from turning 18-months-old.  How?  Just how?  She still loves her a lotta mama time, but is favoring leg-hanging or lap-sitting to breast feeding these days.  And you know?  I’m okay with that.  It’s time.
  • And since I won’t have said child requiring my milk-making services for much longer, my hot husband and I are planning a short weekend get-away.  Not to anywhere very exciting or far, but we will be going alone. And that alone thing?  Yeah, it’s never happened before.  Well, not in the last 6+ years.  I’m kind of excited.  Like, a lot.
  • Speaking of being excited…I have a suuuuper fun day planned tomorrow with my junk-lovin’-craft-makin’ soul sister, Molly.  I’m taking the day off of work and we are headed to Junk Jubilee, sans children. I can think of very few better ways to spend a Friday.
  • I have ran 86.54 miles so far this month. While I feel good about that, I have to admit that I’m a teeny, tiny bit disappointed – I was hoping to get in 100+ miles throughout the month of April.  Just doing the math here…we have an 8-miler scheduled for Saturday, I’ll take Sunday off, then on Monday (the final day of April), we’ll do our usual 4.5…which gets me a grand total of 99.04.  Sooooo, I’m totally just going to have to sneak in 1 stinking mile at some point before Tuesday, so I can reward myself in good conscious. (Yes, I “bribed” myself with a pre-planned reward.")
  • And while we’re on the subject of running, I am officially registered for this year’s Dam-to-Dam on June 2.  Last year was my first experience with the 20k and my expectations were low (I wanted to finish.  And not poop my pants.), so this year I’ve set some {higher} goals and to say I’m excited (and infinitely more prepared) would be an understatement.  Stay tuned…I promise to not be such a baby this time.
  • Elijah Wrigley debuts in his first ever Little League Baseball game this Saturday.  The excitement around here is at an all-time high.  My sports-obsessed boy is sooooo ready to take the field and his daddy has his matching Reds hat ready for wear. 
  • Oh, and we have some exciting changes happening around here.  NO, I am NOT pregnant.  Hopefully we’ll be able to share soon!
Happy Thursday, friends! And in the words of Camden Shea, “Be careful.  Ous a ‘pecial girl!”  (Be careful.  You’re a special girl!) :)

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