Monday, April 09, 2012

Monday. A non-Easter, non-MPM post.

Our Easter was so wonderful and I want to tell you all about it.  I really do.  But today is not the day, friends.  I kind of doubt tomorrow will be either.  However, I have high hopes that by Wednesday I will have had a chance to go through all 254 pictures that I took (go figure – hadn’t touched my camera in weeks, then I taken an insane amount in one weekend!). 

And just to disappoint you further – I really don’t have a Meal Planning Monday prepared either.  We have 3 evenings worth of meals in the pantry and that have carried over from previous weeks, a lot of yummy leftovers, and J and I both have dinner plans on Wednesday night, so I might just see how far we can get on what we have. 

So, anyway…that’s the recap.  For now I’ll leave you with our BEST family photo from the weekend. 

Why?  Why does he insist on photo bombing every.single.shot?!? 

April2012 126b

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Chandra said...

Great pic...even with J's antics! Glad you had a great Easter!


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