Wednesday, April 11, 2012

All you could ever want to know about our Easter. And much much more.

In the interest of time and your eyeballs, let me recap our Easter in bullet point and picture form. You’re welcome.
  • Church Easter Egg Hunt.  8,500 eggs.  4 happy kids. We didn’t let a little pre-hunt rain shower spoil our fun. 
 April2012 004b
Since the hunt was divided into age divisions, J helped the 2 big kiddos, while I guided the little ones.  Therefore, this is the only picture I took of A and E.
April2012 013b April2012 022b
Kaiah was what some might call an Easter egg hunting machine.  The girl had her game face on and was in the zone.
April2012 026b April2012 027b April2012 031b
  • He is RISEN!
  • The Easter bunny came and we started the day with a little egg/candy hunt of our own.
April2012 037b
April2012 039b April2012 049b April2012 055b April2012 059b 
{I love when she sits like this.}
April2012 065b April2012 073b April2012 074b
  • We went to church at 9:30, then headed to my parent’s house for lunch with my brothers, sister-in-law, nephew, and grandmas.
April2012 097b
 April2012 105b April2012 111b April2012 112b April2012 118b 
If you know my husband at all, the next series of pictures should not surprise you.
Here I am pleading with him to “just smile nice for ONE picture.  Pretty please?”
April2012 123b
His response?
April2012 124bApril2012 122b April2012 125b April2012 126b April2012 130b
So, I did what any wife would do.  I gave him the boot {from pictures, not our life.  duh. We love him despite his photo bombing ways.}
April2012 133b
My hands may be full, but my heart?  Fuller.  Waaaaayyyy fuller.
And this girl.  She’s after her mama’s heart with those sassy eyes and softball glove.  If only you could see my face (rather than those short, stocky legs), you’d see a proud smile.
April2012 138b
Then Papa and Jojo got in on the picture taking fun.
April2012 144b April2012 148b
Clearly, my children take after their father…
April2012 151b April2012 155b April2012 156b April2012 158b
Grandma Nana reading to Cam.  Grandma Joyce somehow eluded my camera all day.  Lucky lady.
April2012 166b April2012 170b
  • Following brunch at my parent’s we hurried the 20-some blocks to J’s grandma’s house for lunch and yet another egg hunt. 
April2012 180b April2012 188b
Aunt Lana and Kaiah made a great team!
April2012 207b April2012 209b April2012 215b April2012 217b April2012 222b
April2012 226b
April2012 172b
A virtual pat on the back to those of you who made it to the end.


Lori said...

Missy you look FANTASTIC!

Suzanne said...

Loved the pictures and the update!!


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