Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Sick Day

Waking up to a puking child in the middle of the night sucks.  But you know what’s worse?  Waking up to a baby, her crib, and all the bedding COVERED in crusty vomit.  And I had the pleasure of both experiences last night/this morning.

I absolutely hate seeing my babies sick, but am always up for an excuse to stay in our jammies, watch movies, cuddle on the couch, and eat chicken noodle soup.

photo_3 photo_1 photo_2

Wish I could say that KT just wanted to model her cute little jammies for you in these pics, but the truth is that we both required several clothing changes as a result of this nasty stomach bug.

The good news is that Addi hasn’t gotten sick since her middle of the night shenanigans, Eli hasn’t visited the bathroom since early this morning, and Camden remains relatively unaffected.

Hope you were able to enjoy this dreary day in a pair of jammies, snuggled on the couch, and feeling GOOD!

1 comment:

Molly said...

oh geez! I was hoping it wasn't a stomach bug! However, enjoy those snuggles!! I hope everyone else stays healthy!!


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