Monday, March 05, 2012

Weekend wrap-up and MPM!

Our weekend was a little relaxing and a little crazy, too.  It felt like if I wasn’t running around like a chicken with my head cut off, then I was just chillin’ on the couch relaxing.  There really wasn’t an in-between.  But that’s ok, I liked our weekend and hope yours was just as likeable. 

Friday night J and his dad has a fantasy baseball draft, so the kids and I met up with Hawkwa for our fav Mexican cuisine.  Then grandma watched half the pack while I took the other half to do a little birthday present shopping for a couple special 7-year-olds.

Most of my day on Saturday was spent chauffeuring Addi from one birthday party to the next.  I also managed to squeeze in a trip to Collectamania, the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and the grocery store.  A shout-out to Abbey for the Collectamania referral….it was….awesome, weird, overwhelming, and funny.  Next time I’ll know what to expect and be more mentally prepared.  Saturday night I tried out a couple new recipes (WW nacho chili dip and homemade WW pizza rolls) and we spent the evening watching some seriously great basketball.

Yesterday we all went to church, then the girls and ate lunch at my parents, while the boys headed off to baseball camp.  The afternoon was spent napping, watching movies and cleaning.  See?  A very likeable weekend was had by all.

On to the week and our dinner plans…

Monday: Turkey Apple Sloppy Joes

Tuesday: Cajun Chicken pasta

Wednesday: Taco soup

Thursday: Bubble up enchiladas

Friday: Chicken ranch tacos

Oh, you know what else about the weekend?  I totally binged.  Like, ‘eat half a jar of Nutella and my weight in marshmallow popcorn’ binge.  It was NOT pretty and I’m paying for it today.  Which is why, I’m signing off NOW and headed out for a RUN. 

Later peeps!

{speaking of peeps….Easter is coming!!}

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