Thursday, March 22, 2012


Hey, hey!  How’s your week going?  We’ve been busy spring breaking at home and the relaxing days are flying by!  I really don’t have much to report other than I have now organized 3 out of 4 closets, sorted massive amounts of toys (my sell/donate pile has reached record highs), AND played my fair share of puppy sitter/Barbie accessorizer. 

Having J home is always such a treat – except for when he tries to break his ankle playing basketball like he did last night.  Betcha can’t guess what the last words were out of my mouth before he left to go play.  Anyone?  Anyone?  "Do NOT hurt yourself.”  That’s what I said.  But did he listen?  Nope.  Now we’re icing, medicating, and wrapping just like the good ol’ days of high school basketball.  Did I just say that?  Good old days?  Yeah riiiight. There was nothing good about early morning practices and line drills till you puked.  Anyway.  He’s going to be ok and the NCAA tournament resumes tonight, so it’s safe to say that between games, the 4 kids, barking dog, and nagging wife, he’ll be slightly distracted from the pain.

Today we had to break out a few rainy day activities, which is just code for “messy things I hide in the back of the cupboard.”  The kids enjoy the change of pace.  And creating mayhem.  Obviously.  But it’s almost always worth the resulting 45 minutes of peace and quiet.

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“Take my tic-ture, Mama.”  I can’t tell her no, you know.

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Happy Thursday, friends!

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Suzanne said...

What's in the tub?


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